Fake Cancer, Now It's Fraud

Idaho Woman Who Faked Cancer on GoFundMe Sentenced to Community Service

Sara Nicole Kaufman Gofundme

Back in June, we told you about Sara Nicole Kaufman, the 24-year-old who faked cancer in a bid for sympathy — and money, natch — on GoFundMe. She was charged with felony communications fraud at the time, as she requested $5000 on her GoFundMe page, however that charge was reduced to a misdemeanor on Thursday as she collected only $550.

The campaign has been removed, but we have saved an archived copy here.

The Herald Journal reports:

Kaufman was living in Logan [Utah] when she created the fundraising account, but she was living in Boise at the time of her arrest. She was incarcerated for 25 days before she was bailed out in Logan and has been given credit for time served.

She will be required to make full restitution and has been fined $500. Judge Brian Cannell has offered her the option of completing 50 hours of community service in lieu of that fine, but he also ordered an additional 50 hours of community service in a cancer-related organization.

“It is my hope you will create a fondness and understanding for people who truly have cancer,” Cannel said.

After the news of Kaufman’s arrest broke in local papers, a GoFundMe spokesperson announced refunds would be issued to the 10 people who donated to her campaign.