Well this one is certainly a first for us. Usually when we’re writing about a GoFundMe campaign, there’s some type of financial theft or diversion involved on the part of the campaign owner. In this case, however, the problem wasn’t with a GoFundMe campaign at all.

It all started just before last Christmas when an electrical fire decimated the Ottawa home of Brian Enache, his pregnant girlfriend Bryanna, and Brian’s mother Sandra. To make matters worse, Bryanna was due to give birth the day after the fire.

As communities often do, Brian’s rallied together to get the couple some cash and much-needed baby supplies. A GoFundMe page — which has since been removed but we archived here — raised over $5000 for the couple. And that, my friends, is where the story gets weird.

Jennifer Saikaley posted the following comment on the GoFundMe page, complete with her home address.

Jennifer Saikaley GoFundMe

Prosecutors say that Saikaley and her husband Pierre basically collected stuff for the Enache family and, well, just sorta kept it. They have both been charged with three counts of obtaining property by false pretense and one count of conspiracy to commit an indictable offense.

As for that whole best friend thing? Yeah no.

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