‘ISIS-Slaying’ GoFundMe Grifting Rapist on the Lam Finally Nabbed by Cops

Barry Hall gofundme

You’ll forgive us for not covering this story back in March when Barry Hall was first revealed as a rapist on the run, this website didn’t exist back then and we would never think to set up a Google Alert for “ISIS Slaying Rapist” — our apologies.

Here’s a little bit of the backstory from my most favoritest publication, the Daily Mail:

A former British soldier, who styled himself the ‘ISIS slayer’ while asking for funds to help him fight in Iraq, has been revealed as a convicted rapist on the run from police.

Barry Hall, also known as Bazza, claims he is fighting with other Britons in a unit called the Daesh Hunting Club.

The rogue volunteers claim to have teamed up with Kurdish forces and the 41-year-old has used social media to post images of himself apparently arresting ISIS fighters.

A crowdfunding appeal on the Go Fund Me website, reportedly set up by the ex-soldier to ask for donations, has already raised £1,718 from 42 people.

But police have revealed that Hall is a convicted rapist who was sentenced in his absence to seven years in prison, after he failed to turn up at Derby Crown Court last year.

The GoFundMe page has disappeared, along with Hall’s Twitter page. As we know all too well, the internet never forgets.

Barry Hall gofundme

The original fundraiser (an archived copy of which can be found here) states:

“We’re a small group of western veterans that have given up our lives back home to volunteer and help the Kurdish people in Iraq.
As voluteers we obviously have to self fund ourselves and maintain our personal kit and equipment which at times  can be extremely difficult.
Our average monthly living expenses come to around £150 per month so any small donations would soon build up and they’d help the guys tremendously.
Any donations given would be equally split between the team and the funds would help cover day to day items such as medical equipment, medicines, toiletries, basic food essentials such as milk, eggs, cheese.
Every tiny donation counts……. Thank you”

Well, the saga of Mr. Hall has finally come to an anti-climactic conclusion when Hall was snatched up at the airport returning to the UK earlier this week. Reports the Daily Star:

Detective Constable Matthew Greatorex, who arrested Hall at Manchester Airport, said: “Barry Hall evaded the sentence that was given to him for the crimes he committed.

“He will now be brought to justice and serve the appropriate sentence.

“A large amount of work has been put into tracking down Hall and ensuring that he returned to the country.

“I am pleased that this work has paid off and Hall is now behind bars paying the price for the crimes he committed.”

Perhaps while he’s serving his time, he can practice spelling “volunteers” correctly. Rot in hell, sir, you’re no better than the goatfuckers you claimed to be fighting against.