Fire up those angry face emojis, folks, this one is going to get your blood flowing.

WKYT reports:

An eastern Kentucky couple says it made a heartbreaking loss even worse. They say days after their young son died someone set up a GoFundMe page claiming to be raising money for them. They say they don’t know the person and they fear this fundraiser is scamming people.

“I’ve known the Brown and Tackitt family my whole life. I’ve lived here.” Rick Stiltner is the judge executive in Menifee County but he doesn’t just work with Josh Brown, he’s a good friend of Josh and his wife, Alisha. Their four-year-old son, Jaxon, he says lived life to the fullest.

“Jaxon was an outgoing young man,” Stiltner said. “He never met a stranger and he kind of picked folks out that maybe other people wasn’t talking to, spend some time in conversation. He was a pretty smart little man.”

The campaign, started by one Georgina Pennington-Reed, has since been taken down. also happens to be down this afternoon so I don’t have an archived copy to share with you however I do have this cached copy for your viewing pleasure. Of course, I use the term “pleasure” loosely; perhaps for your viewing rage would be more appropriate parlance.

Ms. Pennington-Reed couldn’t even be arsed to write up much of a campaign, writing only: “A precious little boy taken to soon.” Uh, where is soon and who took him there?

WKYT says the little boy was healthy and that his sudden death was quite unexpected.

State police say they are looking into the GoFundMe campaign and have been in contact with a woman who may be behind it.

Update: Archived copy of the campaign can be found here.