Whelp, we know one dad who won’t be having a very Merry Christmas.

November 10th was a day like any other for Jaxon Ronsonet and his little brother Bentley of Biloxi, MS. The two were hanging out at their grandma’s house when a neighbor’s dog lost her shit and attacked the younger brother. Jaxon, in one of those hero moves you usually only see in movies, swept his brother up, put him on top of a garbage can, and took the brunt of the dog’s inexplicable rage.

Jaxon sustained severe injuries to the point doctors weren’t sure they could save his leg. Bentley, however, came out of it OK thanks to the quick-thinking of his courageous brother.

The following day, a family friend started a GoFundMe campaign to ease the burden of the boys’ mother being out of work while she tended to her kids. It went on to raise over $8000 before it was deleted from the site. We were able to recover a cached copy, which is archived here.

Now, Tiffany Ronsonet says her estranged husband Warren “Rocco” Ronsonet — with whom she reconciled in the days following the attack — has wiped out their bank account and taken their vehicle, leaving them with 71 cents and no way to pick up Jaxon when he is released from the hospital today.

The boys’ mother writes on Facebook:

Good morning everyone. It is with a heavy heart that I have to make this post, but I am asking for everyone’s help once again so please share this post. I need for all of you to be on the lookout for my estranged husband Warren John Ronsonet a.k.a Rosco who is driving a royal blue 2006 Ford Freestyle with a Harrison County, MS license plate # HFQ 029. He has two active warrants out for his arrest and is currently in violation of his probation through MDOC and has completely drained the bank account that was set up for the boys go fund me account as well as drained a separate bank account of my youngest son’s social security check which has left us broke and stranded here in New Orleans at the hospital. I will be deleting the go fund me account once I make this post because I cannot in good conscious let people continue to donate to an account where the funds are being misused to support this piece of shit’s alcohol and drug problem and I will be setting up a new bank account and go fund me account that only I will be able to access. I have notified every police department between Jackson County, MS and here and a BOLO has been issued for the vehicle but maybe with the public’s help we can get this POS off of the streets and back behind bars where he belongs. It makes me sick to my stomach to know that this maggot has taken advantage of this terrible situation and that the only reason he came back around was because he smelled money. What a loser! Please get the license plate number and call the police immediately if you spot a vehicle that matches this description! Thanks again for your help!

A new GoFundMe campaign has been set up for the boys and their mother.