This post is a long time coming, so bear with me as it may take a minute to get it all together. I’m actually going to be brief here because for as much as there is to say, only a small part of it needs to be said.

Meet Fredrick-Jay H. Hibbard. AKA Fredrick-Jay Harder Hibbard, and many bastardizations of that. He is, from what we can gather, a lifetime mooch who abuses and uses everyone around him until there’s nothing left. The first phony GoFundMe campaign he made to “attack” us (we use the term “attack” loosely as he’s bed-bound by his own admission and unable to do much attacking unless you consider endless Facebook messages to be an attack) was put up on January 31:

Fake GoFundMe page

Now, that campaign has since been removed but he put up another, which was also removed.

In each campaign, he named a list of GoFraudMe readers and clearly put these campaigns up for the sole purpose of harassing said people. GoFundMe appears to be totally OK with this, in fact they are letting him do it on another campaign that purports to raise $10 million for veterans he may or may not know which is still live.

GoFundMe is a joke

Although the campaign has been reported to GoFundMe repeatedly and is obviously ridiculous in its intent, GoFundMe left it up and hasn’t banned him. So cool, I guess GoFundMe just lets people get shitty on their platform for absolutely no reason and call out people they are mad at and that’s cool. Good to know.

From GoFundMe’s own terms and conditions, it clearly says:

Further, if any person (other than you) appears in your User Content, you represent and warrant that you have secured all necessary licenses, waivers and releases from such person(s) for the benefit of GoFundMe in a manner fully consistent with the licenses, waivers and releases set forth above.

Fredrick has no such license nor waiver to include people in his deluded campaigns, which have been reported to GoFundMe ad nauseam, and yet here he is doing it AGAIN. And again. And again. Just how many times does it take to get his campaigns nuked to be banned from GoFundMe? It’s like the Tootsie Pop Owl, no one knows.

Tootsie Pop Owl

It seems Fredrick has a history of harassing people online. He is accused of stealing photos of children in his LDS parish and posting them for absolutely no reason other than wanting to be a total creep. When asked to take the photos down, he said that they were public domain and he had every right to put up pictures of children. Mind you, this is coming from a man who claims his own mentally-retarded daughter raped him just so she could have his child.

Fredrick-Jay H. Hibbard Child Porn

And this creep stalked my own FB profile and stole my — may I say — beautiful picture of downtown Richmond for his joke of a page Gofactme. YEAH THAT IS NOT CREEPY AT FUCKING ALL. Dude. Then again, he’s supposedly bed-bound and crapping in his diapers in Texas so everyone knows he didn’t take that picture of the oh-so-stunning Richmond skyline.

Gofactme fake Facebook page

[Ed. note: this photo was later removed from Facebook via copyright claim, so suck it, Freddy]

So. This leaves us with the many, many GoFundMe campaigns this guy has run and is running. Check his Twitter and there are how many more?

Despite receiving countless reports about his latest scam, GoFundMe has chosen to leave the campaign up, letting him make a mockery of the military and, even, as much as it pains us to say this because GoFundMe is a joke, GoFundMe itself.

Fake military GoFundMe

Let’s talk about that “Fund 4 Local Veterans & Families” campaign. Freddy has a history of stealing photos and appropriating people for his own purposes. So we are supposed to believe his intent is benevolent here? LMAO. It has been reported to GoFundMe over and over and over, he even sent back his responses to one inquiry from GoFundMe in an update:

1. Who you are
Fredrick-Jay & Phyllis-Elsie
2. Where you’re from
San Angelo, Texas
3. Your relationship to the parties you’re raising funds for
Local Veterans
4. How the funds will be spent (be specific as possible)
Curently our 2nd pick is Brenda Bonners Home rescue!
5. How you intend to get the funds to those in need
By hiring ppl in construction.

Did GoFundMe ask Brenda Bonner if she wants to be a part of this maniac’s GoFundMe scams? Guessing not, since they left it up and don’t seem to give a crap that he’s all over their platform harassing people and trying — unsuccessfully at that — to scam money out of people.

I remind GoFundMe once again of their own statement in their own terms and conditions:

Further, if any person (other than you) appears in your User Content, you represent and warrant that you have secured all necessary licenses, waivers and releases from such person(s) for the benefit of GoFundMe in a manner fully consistent with the licenses, waivers and releases set forth above.

And I ask again, did y’all check with Brenda since this known creep threw her name into the mix? I’m guessing not.

In yet another campaign which is still totally live on GoFundMe despite countless reports, he openly admits to committing Social Security fraud:

Social Security fraud GoFundMe

LOL. That’s still up, too.

HELLO, GoFundMe. You keep letting this clown make campaigns. You also let him harass people using campaigns he’s made. So what is the breaking point that causes you to block him for good?

Or just keep letting this creepazoid put up joke GoFundMes attacking GoFraudMe readers. It’s up to y’all. Your position seems clear from here for now.

Update: At long last, it seems GoFundMe heard our pleas and removed not only his fraudulent campaigns, but his seemingly legitimate ones as a punishment for abusing their platform. But not before he put up several others.

In one, he purported to be raising money — $30 million, actually — for “Veterans and their families in the Sub-division “Lake View” of San Angelo, Texas 76903.” He meant, of course, himself.

Quite possibly one of the most egregious scampaigns was the one he put up under an alias of Ariel Shae Harper, based on the identity of a teen girl totally unrelated to him. In it, he pretended to be the girl and asked for $88k to fix the Hibbard-Harder home.

Ariel Shae Harper Gofundme

Mr Harder then proceeded to spam our Facebook page using the stolen identity.

And then, as if all this weren’t enough, he also put up a page supposedly raising money for the Bishop Street Bootcamp Ranch ministry in San Angelo. He even made a fake donation of $100 using his wife’s Facebook account. When brought to the attention of the ministry, it was quickly removed.

Bishop Street Bootcamp Ranch Gofundme

The other day, GoFundMe wiped out all of his pages, which is a step in the right direction. But that didn’t stop him from putting up another GoFundMe campaign in his wife’s name.

Harder Phyllis gofundme

Now he’s claiming to be a quintuplet. Oookay. It, too, was removed after a Gofraudme reader directly alerted someone at GoFundMe who she has been in contact with about this guy.

Meanwhile, he continues to stalk me. I got this yesterday on the Gofraudme Facebook page. You love me, dontcha Freddy? Can’t blame you.

Fredrick-Jay Hibbard

According to our original tipster, Fredrick-Jay continues reaching out to her family  members (with whom he shares a single last name) claiming to be their long lost cousin or whomever, spamming them with fundraising links. Running out of puppet Facebook pages to use, he still has multiple profiles for both himself and his wife: Elsie Harder, Harder Phyllis, Phyllis-Elsie Hibbard Morgan Harder.

As far as we know, his hovel still goes up for auction on March 7.