Another day, another cockroach stealing from someone in need.

On November 13, 2016, Daniel Gutierrez set up a GoFundMe campaign to benefit a woman he barely knew purporting to help her with medical bills.

The campaign has since been removed, but we managed to salvage an archived copy which you can find here.

It reads:

Sadey was involved in a traumatic motorcycle accident when the other driver failed to stop at a red light. She’s had one successful head surgery, but is far from a full recovery. She has a long road of recovery and a daughter to care for. Please pray and help in any way you can… She’s an amazing soul and we can’t wait until she’s back and healthy…

As of February 1, that campaign had gathered $3100 of a $10k goal.

Now, Sadey’s sister has spoken out against Gutierrez, accusing him of stealing the funds raised.

GoFundMe records provided to her show he started making withdrawals from the account almost immediately after money started coming in.

fraudulent GoFundMe withdrawals

Refunds are being issued to donors who request them. Since the campaign has been removed, donors will have to submit their requests directly through the GoFundMe Guarantee (LOL) link, which prominently displays in big ole letters:

GoFundMe Guarantee

The URL for the removed campaign is

We’ll keep you posted if there are any developments, and are trying to touch base with her family.