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Man Asks GoFundMe for Millions to Fight Trump Supporters, Literally

Fight Trump Supporters

The GoFundMe page has since been removed, but thankfully the Internet never forgets.

“This donation goes to the transportation funds to bring every single person who supports trump on college campuses to dc where I will fight every one of you at the white house,” wrote Jafar Cooper. So, airfare and shuttles to the White House? Wow. The page was removed by GoFundMe for promoting violence.

A second copy cat fundraiser popped up around the same time as the first and has also been removed. A GoFundMe page to “beat Trump supporters” is still active, however, as it doesn’t mean “beat” in the physical sense.

This isn’t the first time Jafar has turned to crowdfunding. Back in February, he was seeking $1000 to fight singer Sam Smith. “I really want to give Sam Smith these hands because he said he wants to be a ‘voice for gay youth’ so yeah lets fight That one jawn with Disclosure was super lit but im still finna scrap. Stay with me head ass ,” he wrote.

Fight Sam Smith

Who will be the next target? We can only hope it’s not us, this guy seems serious!