Obvious GoFundMe scams

[UPDATED] Meet Sierra Perez, an Apparent GoFundMe Scammer Who Never Seems to Age

Sierra Perez Gofundme

We were alerted to the following campaign after its owner posted it on Matt’s White popular Facebook page. Matt, as you know, is the one who started the viral Chauncy’s Chance campaign, which we are still keeping a close eye on.

Let’s check out Keep Sierra Alive& Help Moving, which was created on July 20 of this year and is seeking $20k:

Im a 28 year old mother who has a 2 year old daughter & 5 year old son. I am in a terrible situation with my health & also financially. I have many incurable infectious & autoimmune diseases such as a non curable debilitating bladder disease called Interstital Cystitis. My bladder has bleeding hemoraging ulcers all over it and also chronic E coli for the last 3 years nonstop.

We’d quote the remainder of the campaign, however it’s a whopping 513 word wall of text. Fuck that.

Moving on, let’s take a look at Keep Sierra Alive,Help with medical, which was created on November 19 of 2014 and sought $50k:

My name is Sierra Perez I am ¬†28 years old & started my journey being sick on & off my whole life. After I hit age 20 I started to really struggle with my health. I ¬†almost died of liver failure in Memphis Tn in 2012. I had ulcer’s all over my intestines,stomach,and also granulomas’s all over my liver. Dr’s ran me through every test,biopsy,liver biopsy they could think of and still had no idea what was trying to kill me.

Holy sketchy shit balls, Batman! This lady hasn’t aged a day in two whole years? Man, maybe all her numerous alleged medical issues have also somehow preserved her in time.

She also writes:

My husband has to care for me our 2 &5 year old and also drag us all to the Drs as my daughter who is 2 also has kidney reflex causing urine to back into her kidneys & she is needing surgery when she gets back to Illinois to her drs. To anyone who can share my story & donate anything even if it is a small amount. Truly anything right now helps!

Wait a second… not only has she not aged, her kids haven’t either!

Take note GoFundMe scammers: if you’re going to scam, at least be smart enough to change up your age if you happen to try and run another scam two years later.

Oh, and now might be a good time to direct you to our short guide on how to report GoFundMe fraud.

Update: Whelp, y’all done good. It appears as though both campaigns have been removed, though it’s unclear whether Sierra took them down or GoFundMe did. But yeah, I’ve never seen a campaign disappear that fast. Despite the fact that both campaigns have been vaporized, we conveniently saved a copy of her 2014 campaign here and her most recent campaign here.