Obvious GoFundMe scams

[UPDATED] Meet Sierra Perez, an Apparent GoFundMe Scammer Who Never Seems to Age

Sierra Perez Gofundme

We were alerted to the following campaign after its owner posted it on Matt’s White popular Facebook page. Matt, as you know, is the one who started the viral Chauncy’s Chance campaign, which we are still keeping a close eye on.

Let’s check out Keep Sierra Alive& Help Moving, which was created on July 20 of this year and is seeking $20k:

Im a 28 year old mother who has a 2 year old daughter & 5 year old son. I am in a terrible situation with my health & also financially. I have many incurable infectious & autoimmune diseases such as a non curable debilitating bladder disease called Interstital Cystitis. My bladder has bleeding hemoraging ulcers all over it and also chronic E coli for the last 3 years nonstop.

We’d quote the remainder of the campaign, however it’s a whopping 513 word wall of text. Fuck that.

Moving on, let’s take a look at Keep Sierra Alive,Help with medical, which was created on November 19 of 2014 and sought $50k:

My name is Sierra Perez I am  28 years old & started my journey being sick on & off my whole life. After I hit age 20 I started to really struggle with my health. I  almost died of liver failure in Memphis Tn in 2012. I had ulcer’s all over my intestines,stomach,and also granulomas’s all over my liver. Dr’s ran me through every test,biopsy,liver biopsy they could think of and still had no idea what was trying to kill me.

Holy sketchy shit balls, Batman! This lady hasn’t aged a day in two whole years? Man, maybe all her numerous alleged medical issues have also somehow preserved her in time.

She also writes:

My husband has to care for me our 2 &5 year old and also drag us all to the Drs as my daughter who is 2 also has kidney reflex causing urine to back into her kidneys & she is needing surgery when she gets back to Illinois to her drs. To anyone who can share my story & donate anything even if it is a small amount. Truly anything right now helps!

Wait a second… not only has she not aged, her kids haven’t either!

Take note GoFundMe scammers: if you’re going to scam, at least be smart enough to change up your age if you happen to try and run another scam two years later.

Oh, and now might be a good time to direct you to our short guide on how to report GoFundMe fraud.

Update: Whelp, y’all done good. It appears as though both campaigns have been removed, though it’s unclear whether Sierra took them down or GoFundMe did. But yeah, I’ve never seen a campaign disappear that fast. Despite the fact that both campaigns have been vaporized, we conveniently saved a copy of her 2014 campaign here and her most recent campaign here.


  1. johnna

    You’re all fucked up people..I’ve known her for over 10 years and have seen the hard times. All she wants is time with her children. Why don’t you mind your own business and quit playing god and deciding who’s right and wrong. Dont donate if you don’t like it but quit slandering her name cause now u feel important. GROW UP

    • gofraudme

      Tell your friend to tighten her story up a bit next time, she’ll probably be able to scam people better if she at least gets her own age right.

      • Johnna

        You have no idea of her story or struggles…who gives you the right or permission to judge and say whether she’s right or wrong. Who do you know that knows her that’s given you facts. So, just because of her wording and because she still likes to put makeup on and play with her kids…which by the way will not happen way to soon…she’s a fraud. You’re the damn fraud trying to place judgement on other people. Karma is a bitch…

    • SierraIsJoanna

      She has plenty of time with her children..crap none of them have aged in two years, what else could she/you ask for? Being the ‘medical professional’ you claim to be, you should understand just how lucky they all are..you know..being immortal and all.

  2. Not Sierra

    She got caught. I’m sure Johnna is Sierra.

    • Johnna

      No…johnna is johnna. I’m a friend sierras. Don’t bring my name up again. You don’t know me. If u would take the time to look on Facebook you’d know that

  3. Johnna

    I think Adrienne is Sierra…

  4. JDuffy

    Ohh, she’s a loser. She sent me a lengthy message trying to convince me of her “illnesses” She was so over the top with these diseases, that she doesn’t realize who she is talking to. Medical professionals are all over the place. Sends me a pic of a bladder and states that its hers. Found that same pic on google search. She’s a liar and a scammer. Oh and, after these lengthy messages, that coward blocked me and didn’t wait for my reply. Anyway, you can tell her Johnna, CPS will be knocking on her door any day now for creating illness for her child. lol

  5. Johnna

    Wow…you think having cps/dcfs accusations are funny. Obviously you’re a heartless coward that only “voices herself” over a web page. You need mental help sweety…and I am in the medical profession. Just so u know

    • SierraIsJoanna

      Good to know that the ‘medical profession’ is full of illiterate POS like yourself.

    • JDuffy

      If you are in the medical profession, you would know how over the top these “illnesses” are. She also told me her dtr caught the same diseases she has. She’s full of shit. She got called out and now its over. Maybe she should stop using drugs, because the way her wording was on her messages, she sounds high as hell. Again, you deserve each other.

    • Haha

      What, as a janitor?

      Cause you are clueless about medical stuff if you believe this lady.

  6. JDuffy

    Wow, GoFraudMe peeps. Johnna is Sierra. This is great. Very entertaining

    • gofraudme

      *grabs popcorn*

      • ken oath

        Sigh, I went right through her FB account and I think the first gofundme she set up in 2014, she just left running and has updated it with the newer details. So that’s what has happened there. Stupid thing to do but nothing out of the ordinary.

        As for the rest of it … well, apart from obvious ridiculousness like asking for 50k and then going on a rant which made her look like a hypo and trailer trash, I actually think she’s genuine and has next to no idea what is happening to her. Doctors don’t always know, you know. I can attest to that.

        I am in Australia and have absolutely no connection to this woman at all. One comment though – Nicole Sky Perez, you look much better without stupid hair colouring and all that makeup. Red lippy and and a tonne of eyeliner aren’t you.

  7. Johnna

    Its not immortal brilliant..its called somebody recommending she update her stuff. Give us all exact directions of how they are supposed to do a fund me. Make sure u tell them exactly what to say..what pics they have to put on there and make sure its exact or you’re a fraud cause u know it all. You guys have nothing better to do than pick apart people and their flaws. Call them liars and frauds when you have an opinion…no true evidence that somethings not real. Just because she put to many words and not the right pics. There are a lot of people that do take advantage of people everyday. I had it happen to me a cpl months ago…your not god though. Youre low lifes that need to make yourselves feel better by beating others down with your accusations and lies

    • JDuffy

      Well, when we (the community) sees, what we feel is bullshit, we make it known to the public. Most people have huge hearts and will give their last dollar to someone in need. When this kind of thing is uncovered, we take this very personally. We call them, as we see them. I applaud Adrienne for putting together this website for just this type of thing. If it smells and acts like a duck, then, unsually its a duck.

  8. Johnna

    Grow up and quit trying to make yourself feel better by putting others down. Youre not god and u don’t know shit. Its your “bright” opinions. Instead of being a bitch get up and do something with yourself. You get off on being a nothing and arguing over “comments” all day.

    • SierraIsJoanna

      Funny..seems as if over 50% of the comments are yours..which is weird..since you recommend “You get off on being a nothing and arguing over “comments” all day.” Perhaps we ‘get off’ on the same thing? Is there a gofundme for that one?

  9. JDuffy

    Whatever. If it acts and smells like a duck, guess what. Its a duck. There are scammers everywhere and when we (the community) feel the need, we bring it to the public’s attention. There are poor, unsuspecting people who will give their last dollar to someone in need. Just eliminating the garbage, so people are not being taken advantage of.

  10. Johnna

    I agree…but make sure you know the facts before you call somebody a fraud or a liar, among many other names and accusations. There’s ways for “the community” to get their point or their opinion across without being cruel and childish. Beings you “the community” are so smart and helpful then you should want to set an example.

    • gofraudme

      In what way was I cruel? She got caught in a lie, period. I didn’t make fun of her appearance. I could have, but I didn’t. You’re not going to change any opinions here, J, so might as well move on and get back to your life.

  11. JDuffy

    lol, we are setting an example. The obvious example is that if you are a scammer, you will be called out and exposed. That’s all there is to that.

  12. Johnna

    I’m not trying to change your opinion. You have the right to think what you want..I know the truth and don’t need you to. My point was all you guys want to cut people down and talk shit. A lot of people are frauds in many ways..yes they should pay for the consequences of their actions. (You’re just wrong about sierra) Calling names and being cruel are not needed. State the facts…not a bunch of bullshit. And my life hasn’t stopped…

  13. someguy

    This site was badly needed in response to ‘gofundme’. I think both sites have something positive to bring “to the table”. The other site, however, seems to be LOADED with scammers, hence the need for this site.
    From what I read of both of ‘Sierra Perez’ postings, they look like a scam to me.
    I do find it -amazing- that nobody aged in two years between those campaigns.

    As for that other site, there are legitimate campaigns there, but way too many are well beyond what it should be used for… not necessarily a ‘scam’ but people asking everyone else for help getting to another country, a new car, and general nonsense. They need to get a job and stop asking all the people that are working for a living to give up what they worked for so that some lazy person doesn’t have to earn their own way in life. Those that have to chime in to stick up for the scammers are just as guilty, and in some cases probably the scammers themselves posing as ‘friends’.

  14. Johnna

    True..if its a scam.

  15. Jd Lane

    There are more recent scams, including a transportation to a funeral scam. She wouldn’t visit the woman but once while in hospital and lived 2 blocks away.i Currently in Saline County Jail in Illinois.

  16. Sierra Perez

    I am Sierra Perez who posted this found me and I could not make a new one so I activated my old found me that I had set up. I’m not a fraud and still very sick and have almost died 9 times. I’m needed the money due to the Drs only taking cash only for my pics line treatments. I then got a septic blood infection and almost died trying to cure my ly.e disease and other rare diseases I have. I’m sorry you think I’m lying am but I have the paperwork and lab tests and more to prove it let along the picc line sticking in my arm doing iv antibitoics twice a day. My daughter got my same bladder disease and kidney reflux due to me passing it on to her through genetics. She had to have surgery at age 2 and is now 4. I have severe incurable diseases and am still having to move all over the country to find Drs to help and travel 4 hrs away monthly to a specialist just for my incurable bladder disease. I have the bladder picitee5 with my name on it from the hospital. I have every lab test and even Drs notes saying my incurable diseases and I’m disabled for life. You can’t judge a book by its cover as most of my diseases are on the inside not the outside. I shouldn’t have ever been put on a fraud for found me as I’m a single parent who cannot work and have been battling disability for years. I deserve an apology and not be talked down upon as I’m already sick and dying. I wouldn’t wish these diseases in my worse enemy. I’m also in Facebook support groups for my diseases and the people I’ve met and talked to know what’s wrong and have seen my paperwork n letters from my specialists I see. I now have no money to see my Drs and travel thanks to everyone thinking I’m a fraud. I couldn’t make a new account due to my email so I used the same one which is why the dates are the same but my age has cha fed along with even more new diagnosis. I deserve an apology and if anyone wa ts proof I’m more than happy to send them my paperwork,lab tests,Dr letters and more cuz I have a whole binder full. I definitely deserve an apology cuz I have a good heart, like to help people and never like taking handouts. My grandpare ts already spent there savings on paying the cash only drs,my private medical insurance which is $500 a month and more and now they cannot help me anymore. I hope this gets taken down because I don’t deserve to be bashed online when I’m telling the truth. I’m sorry I have incurable rare diseases and it’s just hard to believe so ce I’m going and I passed alot of them to my daughter through utero. If anyone wa ts pics of my medical letters,lab tests and more to prove you I’m not a liar I’m more than happy to send it because I’m a Christian and fed not a scammer and liar a d I deserve to live and have a gofund me! I just want a sorry for having my page removed because you as wanted to call fraud when I wasn’t and never would do such a thing!

  17. Sierra Perez

    I have pics of my daughter having her surgery in her hospital gown on my fb page. The pics I don’t look aged is because I used the video and then changed it to an actual picture so they were around the same time. I have a no see full of proof and paperwork on my incurable diseases ect. Anyone wants pics,proof,or anything I’m more than happy to show you and get an apology because I almost died due to not having the funds for help and my daughter had her surgery at age 2 so is now doing great but I’m still battling my diseases and am needing more treatments. My email is majesticstylist25@gmail.com if you want a binder full of proof of everything i habe wrong written by Drs for my disability case, lab tests that my grandparents had to spend there whole savings on and now I know what’s wrong with me but don’t have the funds or travel money to try to cure myself. Anyone who thinks I’m a fraud in not and will send you proof but I do deserve a sorry because I’m a woman of God and am NOT a fraud!!!!!

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