Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Karma-Challenged Lady Accused of Faking Stage Four Breast Cancer for $31k GoFundMe

Candace Streng GoFundMe

Today in Absolute Piece of Dog Excrement News: Police in Michigan are investigating a woman who they believe faked breast cancer for more than a $30,000 gain on GoFundMe.

Candace Streng is accused of scamming her loved ones into believing she was suffering from stage four breast cancer to the tune of $31,645 on GoFundMe since April 2017. Naturally, her friends are equal parts devastated and outraged.

“We were recently informed that our ‘friend,’ Candace lied for several years about struggling with stage four breast cancer. We let her into our homes, our families and our checkbooks. We had no prior knowledge of her deceit and are fully cooperating with the investigation. We sincerely hope Candace gets the help she so desperately needs,” said a group calling themselves Candace’s South Lyon Play Group (via WXYZ).

A news story in the Detroit Free Press dated May 2017 states that Strong “has been battling breast cancer for three years and has exhausted treatment options. Surgeries and several kinds of chemotherapy drugs have not stopped the invasive ductal carcinoma from spreading like wildfire.”

Streng has not yet been charged with a crime, though criminal proceedings are expected. In the meantime, law enforcement is working with GoFundMe to refund donors for this very rare thing that definitely so rarely happens [insert extreme eyeroll here].

Strong told the Free Press last May that she was trying to live her life “doing my best every day and practicing self-compassion and mindfulness.” If this is her best, I hate to see what’s her worst.

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  1. Tera

    Hey Candace! That was an awesome little scheme you almost pulled off. I actually was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39 years old. Let’s just hope Karma doesn’t come raining on your fake little parade. That lame little grin you have on your face will be non-existent. Chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries to remove tumors and reconstruct what you have left over is traumatic, life changing and something you don’t joke about to come up on others cash. These people were gracious enough to donate funds to help you. I wouldn’t bet on it happening a second time. Look up the story about the little boy who cried wolf honey. You are pathetic, greedy and a disgrace to every breast cancer victim afflicted with this horrible disease. You better pray to God for Mercy everyday for the rest of your fucked up life. Cheers.

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