Kate Cosgrove is so sick of looking at the “Gross House” on her block, she is asking the internet for $22,000 to tear it down. $12,000 to buy it and $10,000 to, like, rent a big bulldozer or something. It’s unclear how she arrived at that math but this is GoFundMe, not 9th grade Algebra, it’s not like it has to be remotely accurate.

WILX reports:

“The paint is peeling, the porch is collapsed, there’s a broken window,” said Cosgrove.

She also tells me the house become a popular spot for drug dealers. The city red tagged it but the crime has lingered.

“it used to be, at one time it was a really beautiful home,” Cosgrove said. So it’s kind of sad.”

Where’s that Rehab Addict chick when you need her?

The GoFundMe page “Bulldoze My Neighbor’s Gross House” has since been removed, not even a day after it went up. It’s unclear who pulled it or why; fundraising to tear down your neighbors’ ugly ass house doesn’t seem to be a direct violation of any GoFundMe rules.

That said, it’s possible Miss Cosgrove had ulterior motives. “I just have always wanted to like be a part of a bulldozing, you know? But in a productive way,” she told WILX.

So like obviously put up a GoFundMe, you know?