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Minnesota Man Asks GoFundMe For $1 Million to Suffer Through the New Ghostbusters Movie

Ghostbusters Gofundme

Listen up, assholes. If you’re going to make a “joke” GoFundMe page, this right here is exactly how you do it.

I have to disclaim this post by letting you all know that I’m not a movie person. Like at all. So I have no idea why the new Ghostbusters is so bad nor why this gent would be seeking $1 million to suffer through it, but I do have to give him credit for trying.

Aaron Clarey of St. Paul writes:

Hello, my name is Aaron Clarey.  I’m a well-to-do bachelor and have no real needs or wants in my life.

However, I’m raising money to compensate me for the pain and suffering I’d endure if I see the new Ghostbusters movie.  Not only will I review it so you don’t have to see it, but if this actually gets funded it will send a very clear message to Hollywood that we’re sick of politics and political correctness in our movies.

Proceeds from GoFundMe will go to pay for the movie, pay off my mortgage, buy property in South Dakota, a new fishing pole, and finance my continued selfish and hedonistic lifestyle.  I will be eternally grateful for any donations you make, and you’ll have the knowledge that you made me more money than the new Ghostbusters made Sony.

Thank you for your support.

Aaron Clarey

I may not know movies but I do know prose and I do know GoFundMe; this right here is pure gold. He’s also genius in that he made it clear any funds will be used to finance his “continued selfish and hedonistic lifestyle,” which means he can’t be accused of fraud as he clearly disclaimed he’s raising money for what-the-fuck ever. Dude. Brill.

You cannot fault this guy for his honesty, although one clown in the comments did exactly that:

Ghostbusters Gofundme comments

Don’t you love how total strangers come out of the woodwork telling you what to do with money that isn’t theirs? I can’t help but wonder how much Michael Pipes Sadowski gives to charity himself.

Anyhoo, props to this jackass and his fez for a GoFundMe joke well-done. Pay attention, morons, this is how you do it.