Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Minnesota Moron Accused of Faking Cancer to Smoke Weed and Play Video Games

Jeremiah Smith fake cancer

Hey everyone, meet Jeremiah Jon Smith. The 37-year-old Faribault, MN man is accused of pretending he had terminal cancer, informing family and friends — including his own wife — that he only had months left to live.

Authorities say they received a tip about Smith in May 2016; fundraisers held for his benefit raised $9000 and $6000 respectively. A GoFundMe campaign also netted close to $7000.

Things came to head when the man’s wife — who, as mentioned above, believed her beloved was going to die from cancer any day now — was unable to find medical records corroborating his claim. She had never accompanied him to a doctor’s appointment.

The criminal complaint alleges that Smith used the over $20,000 raised for his allegedly fake cancer on credit card bills, freemium mobile game ‘Clash of Clans,’ and marijuana. Of the many cancer scammers we’ve profiled in the last two and a half years, this guy is definitely the most basement-dwelling neckbeard of all.

He’s been charged with theft by swindle.