I mean Jesus fucking Christ people, is nothing sacred?

Private First Class Shadow McClaine was reported missing back in September after she failed to report for duty, her phone and bank account totally untouched since that date. Last week, skeletal remains were uncovered, identified as belonging to Shadow.

“Holding onto hope that maybe she was still alive, even however small, that’s what I was holding onto. On Wednesday we lost that hope, and lost a part of me,” her mother said.

Fellow soldiers Sgt. Jamal Williams-McCray and Spc. Charles Robinson of the 101st Airborne Division were charged in November with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy in the case; Williams-McCray was her ex-husband.

To add insult to injury, a fake GoFundMe campaign popped up purporting to raise funds for the family of McClaine, a member of the family says it was started by a Charles Collins. That campaign has since been removed.

Shadow McClaine GoFundMe

Stop. Just fucking stop. This family has to bury their beloved and people are out there on GoFundMe trying to clean up on her tragic death? Awful.