Y’all may remember a little story a few months back about a Pennsylvania woman who tried — and failed — at raising $350 to take her two kids to an amusement park and instead was absolutely roasted in the comment section. To date, we believe she is the most hated woman on GoFundMe. What happened to her, anyway? Kristin, if you’re out there, get in touch, we can kick down a $5 Target gift card.

Ookay so, we didn’t think it was possible to out-hate the most hated woman on GoFundMe but bless your heart, Internet, you somehow pulled it off.

Meet Nikki Smith. Nikki is the mother of two girls and, as an adult, she’s also subjected to the horror of paying her own bills and stuff. On February 26, Nikki decided to put up a GoFundMe campaign to surprise her kids with a trip to Disney. SURPRISE! You’re about to get roasted.

In her plea for £5,000 she writes:

I have been blessed with the most amazing , kind , loving and caring daughters , they are my best friends and my life , Annalise is 12 and Angelina is 10.
They are so helpful , animal loving and rays of sunshine , I want to show them how much I appreciate and love them , I work 2 nights a week at our local hospital as this is all I am able to do ATM because of childcare.
They watch a lot of YouTube videos where children are surprised by their parents with a holiday to disneyworld and they even get tears in their eyes watching it , they love anything Disney and I know that I would never be able to get them there on my own , because of bills etc , by the time I save up they would be to old to enjoy it 🙁
We lost 2 very special people in our lives these past couple of years and this really would give them so much to look forward to , please help me to make my daughters dreams come true xxxx

The campaign — which raised a whopping £10 — has since been closed to donations.

Here’s the cache we salvaged from the Internet dumpster fire. The Sun has some colorful commentary on the subject:

Her plea had been shared more than 18,000 times on Facebook before the mum shut it down, with thousands of people laughing at the appeal.

One woman wrote: “Taking the absolute p***. There are plenty of families who struggle with money that save for holidays regardless of how long it takes. Absolute chancer.”

Another wrote: “Pure cheek right there.”

A third blasted: “This just ruins the actual purpose of the page, there should be an admin who monitors it.”

One roaster wrote:

Well it seems if you want to have a holiday these days, it seems you just need to set up a GoFundme ? ?

So, who’s gonna donate me a few thousand quid for a family holiday? ?

Go fund me? How about go f*** yourself

Earlier this year, a woman in Ohio set up a GoFundMe campaign for the son of her friend, who was diagnosed with Retinas Pigmentosa and will eventually go blind. She wanted the boy to be able to see the world before that happens. “I’m hoping with this fundraiser we can raise some money for Aiden to be able to see something incredible, like the beach or Disney World or where ever he wants, before he loses his sight,” she wrote. That effort has raised $4035. Talk about a worthy cause.

Yet this other lady in Bristol thinks people are going to pay her to take her kids to Disney just because life sucks and money is tight? Take a number, ma’am, we’ve all got our troubles. Maybe try teaching your daughters that the best things in life are free, or some superficial crap like that. I’m 30-some years old and never got to see Disney, trust me I’ve never had to complain to my therapist about it.

Meanwhile, she still can’t believe people got so pissed off about it. “I didn’t realise – it was a bad idea I guess,’ she told The Sun. “I didn’t think people would react like that.” Obviously she hasn’t been on the Internet very long.