Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Mother Accused of Duping Small Wisconsin Town Into Funding Fake Cancer Scheme

The tiny town of Wautoma, WI was shaken this month with accusations that a mother took advantage of their generosity by manufacturing a claim that her two-year-old daughter was suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, reports FOX6 in Milwaukee.

The all too familiar story began with a lump on the little girl’s arm, say relatives who did not wish to be named. They say that the little girl’s mother, Emily Faber, called them crying after the doctor’s appointment, claiming the doctor said her daughter was ‘really sick.’ According to medical records provided to FOX6, a swollen lymph node was discovered however the child was never determined to have cancer nor did she receive any treatment.

Emily Faber cancer claim

Screenshot via FOX6

Going by Faber’s claims alone, friends set up a GoFundMe campaign as well as a bank account to benefit the family. We were unable to find any record of the GoFundMe campaign, however FOX6 says it raised $7,590 from 23 donors. Of those donors? A former Green Bay Packers player who gave $6,675 through his S.O.W. Foundation.

GoFundMe donors weren’t the only ones who got ripped off. Pub owner Kayla Mailhot set up a chili cook off to benefit the family, and Shawnie Schuldt, a salon owner in a nearby town, sold bracelets. Both women plan to give the fraudulently-raised funds to legitimate causes if and when it is returned.

Flyer for the Kayla’s Pub & Grub fundraiser

Although they requested not to be named, Emily Faber’s family members who spoke to FOX6 apologized to donors. The Waushara County Sheriff’s Department is investigating, and it is believed Faber is cooperating with the investigation.

As for the little girl? She’s living with her dad and doing well, says FOX6.