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New Hampshire Mom Who Faked Abuse for GoFundMe Cash Gets Slap on the Wrist

Taylier Tibbetts

We first told you about 20-year-old Taylier Tibbetts back in April when the New Hampshire mom was accused of faking abuse to her son in order to garner sympathy via a GoFundMe campaign.

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Well, now we have a conclusion to her epic tale. The New Hampshire Union Leader reports that Judge Michael Ryan of the 9th Circuit Court, Merrimack District Division, sentenced Tibbetts to 30 days in jail, suspended, along with a $434 fine, also suspended, pending one year of good behavior.

Sounds like she got off easy, especially considering she has a history of false reports. Hopefully she can manage to stay off GoFundMe.



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  1. someguy

    Yah, please gofund her hundreds of dollars worth of ink, and maybe make her car payments…all based on outright lies. 20 years old, and a used up lying skank.
    She wouldn’t talk shit about me more than once, I can tell you that.

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