Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

New Hampshire Mom Who Faked Abuse of Son on GoFundMe Has a History of False Reports

Taylier Tibbetts

Remember Taylier Tibbetts of Merrimack, New Hampshire? If not, here’s a quick refresher. Ms Tibbetts went to the Merrimack police late last year to report that her son’s father Bryant Clark had abused their little boy Gage. Some time thereafter, she put up a GoFundMe page including allegedly doctored photos of her son, which Clark later shared with police.

gage gfmGage Gofundme

We wish we had more from the now-removed GoFundMe page but sadly, all that remains are these few screenshots.

In April, Ms Tibbetts turned herself in to police and was charged with one misdemeanor charge of providing a false report to law enforcement. According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, court records show Tibbetts was “previously convicted of three charges of providing a false report to law enforcement and other charges of unsworn falsification and theft in connection with a separate incident.” Meaning, this ain’t her first rodeo.

She’s due back in court on July 12. It’s worth clarifying that her charge is due to a false report to police, not the GoFundMe page with allegedly doctored photos. We’ll keep you updated if it warrants a mention in court.

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  1. Rostislav Datmir

    Wow! I wish she had taken her son’s father before Judge Judy. Ideally with him not offering a counterclaim. I can just imagine Judy tearing her a new one, possibly thus: “It’s women like YOU who make it so hard for REAL abuse victims. Judgement for the defendant in the amount of FIVE THOUSAND dollars!”

    That publicity would be anything but a slap on the wrist, as it would follow Ms. Tibbetts for the rest of her life, assuming she does not self-execute.

    Just the decision on its own would be classic. There is nothing like watching a TV judge with attitude telling an idiot or an incredibly bad pathological liar how rotten they are so ten million people across America would know it.

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