A 20-year-old mother is in trouble this week for doctoring photos for sympathy, police say.

WMUR reports:

Merrimack police said Taylier Tibbetts, 20, is facing charges after she edited photos of her son to solicit donations on a GoFundMe page.

Tibbetts filed a police report on Nov. 11 stating that her 3-year-old son had been abused by his father, Bryant Clark, of Derry.

A GoFundMe page to benefit Tibbetts was set up shortly after the report was filed, and Clark shared the page with police.

The page featured photos of her son with a bruise on his ribs, and it stated that a portion of the money raised would go toward hiring an attorney for Tibbetts to get full custody of her son.

“I thought it was sick and twisted,” said Clark.

Tibbetts has been charged with one count of making a false report to law enforcement, and the GoFundMe page — which only raised $10 — has been removed. “I took it down because I figured I wasn’t going to get anywhere with it, and I’m not one to take handouts,” she said.

We were unable to find a cached copy of the scampaign. Tibbetts is currently out on bail and will be back in court on May 24.