You ain’t right for this, Internet, for real.

The following seems to be making the rounds on Facebook again lately, despite the fact that it looks completely fake and is also stupid. What can you say, sometimes your racist uncle needs something to bitch about.

Homeless Teen Blows 100k Gofundme

Now, there is a homeless teen and he did collect quite a bit via GoFundMe, but that’s where the truthy bits end.

Can no one else see the ABC7 logo underneath the fake headline from “5 News”? And “” really? COME ON, RACIST UNCLE, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

We reported on the Success for Fred campaign back in July after campaign organizer Casey Blaney decided she was going to withhold the over $184k raised from Fred Barley just in case he decided to, oh I don’t know, waste it on hookers and weed. Not that anyone was concerned about that, and besides, skunk isn’t even that expensive.

Thankfully, all of that got worked out; a GoFundMe spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal Constitution in August that both parties had agreed to setting up an educational trust, and that the funds raised would be released as soon as said trust was established.

Let your racist uncle know that you can’t pay hookers or drug dealers out of an educational trust, just FYI. Actually, I’m pretty sure you can’t but I’ve never tried so maybe you can? Doubt it.

Anyhoo, fake.