When we talk about how to avoid GoFundMe fraud, our first tip is to run the campaign images through Google reverse image search — if it’s a blatantly obvious scam, you’re sure to find a bunch of hits, usually from news stories several years old. The following campaign is no exception.

So hey, meet “Nats Kaur” — Nats is very busy on Facebook sharing all sorts of GoFundMes that, on the surface, seem really nice and kind and generous and caring. Dig a little deeper and it’s clear this person has some serious issues.

In her “Family home burnt to ashes” campaign [archived here], she shares a photo of a sad family, allegedly in need of help.

fake house fire GoFundMe

Yeah, about that family. They were in the news in 2014 after their cat saved them from perishing in a house fire.

Cat saved family from fire

A FundRazr campaign purporting to benefit the same family has already been removed, and the user permanently banned from the platform according to a spokesperson at FundRazr.

House Fire FundRazr

So yeah, we’re not saying this is completely made up for someone else’s benefit (because that never ever happens on GoFundMe amiright) but maybe, you know, this same family suffered another house fire and maybe, um, this was the only photo Nats had to put on their GoFundMe campaign. Or something.