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Nurse Accused of Murdering Patients Took to GoFundMe, Said It’s All a Misunderstanding

William Davis GoFundMe

William Davis is currently in custody at the Smith County jail on a $2 million bond after suspected of murdering two patients and injuring several others while working as a registered nurse at a Texas heart hospital. Authorities say Davis, who has worked as an RN for seven years, intentionally introduced air into the patients’ bloodstreams. He is facing a single murder charge in the death of 47-year-old Christopher Greenaway, a decorated veteran who died last August after an “unexpected neurological incident” the day following surgery.

Davis’ employment with the Christus Trinity Mother Frances Health System was terminated on February 15, and his license was suspended by the Texas Board of Nursing on March 16 in accordance with Section 301.455, Texas Occupations Code. Sec 301.455 provides that a Texas registered nurse’s license “shall be temporarily suspended or restricted on a determination by a majority of the board or a three-member committee of board members designated by the board that, from the evidence or information presented, the continued practice of the nurse would constitute a continuing and imminent threat to the public welfare.”

On March 23, just days after the board’s decision to suspend his license, Davis took to GoFundMe with the sob story to beat all sob stories. Adding to the blatant sobbiness, the campaign photo showing his beautiful wife, their little boy, and a burrito-wrapped newborn daughter.

He writes:

I have been a RN for 7 years and just completed my MSN for my Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Most people, that know me, know I am a hardworking, well-respected, compassionate, high-spirited family man with a great sense of humor who will go above and beyond for my patients. My passion has always been in cardiology, and I have enjoyed providing care for this patient population over the last 7 years as I worked towards my goal of becoming an ACNP.

ACNP stands for Acute Care Nurse Practioner, btw.

He continues:

Unfortunately, my RN license was temporarily suspended by the board for misunderstandings, and now, I am having to defend myself before the board in order to keep my license and my career. I am unable to currently work as a RN or nurse practitioner so my income is very limited.

Being deemed a danger to public welfare = “misunderstandings.” OK, buddy, whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night.

Davis said that his inability to work was putting a financial strain on his family, and that the GoFundMe would go toward legal fees to defend his license. This, of course, is before he was charged with murder. It’s no surprise that the GoFundMe campaign has since been removed, but you can find an archive here.

It raised $5495 of a $10k goal from 56 people before it was taken down.