Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Oklahoma Mom Admits to Making Up Daughter’s Cancer for GoFundMe Gain

Scott the dick

I feel like I just wrote about a story quite similar to this not even a week ago? Yet here are again: different day, same grifting bullshit.

32-year-old Jessica Good of Enid, OK appeared in court this past week to face three felony counts of obtaining money or property by false pretense for charitable or benevolent purposes and one felony count of child abuse after prosecutors say she pretended as though her young daughter had cancer. Members of her church — who had given generously directly to her — became suspicious when she failed to take them up on offers for rides to and from her daughter’s supposed medical appointments. When called on the claims, Good admitted to law enforcement that she’d made the whole thing up.

The Enid News & Eagle reports:

[Enid Police Department detective Robin] Bench seized Good’s phone and obtained a search warrant for its contents. The phone contained numerous Facebook posts about Good’s daughter’s cancer, correspondence with people, Good creating multiple GoFundMe accounts, checking balances of the accounts and transferring money from the accounts.

I mean shit, not sure what more evidence would be needed. Cut and print!

As should be expected, the mob is already angry and the pitchforks are already out on the local news’ Facebook page.

We were unable to find any active or cached campaigns, and it seems Good has been busy scrubbing the last few crumbs of evidence on the internet now that she is out on bail.

Interviewed by the Department of Social Services in July, one of the little girl’s siblings told investigators that “now mom and dad have to work extra hard to get the money” after a church benefit to raise funds to get the girl to Chicago for medical treatment was canceled. It is believed that Good not only convinced the girl’s siblings of the fake cancer diagnosis, but the girl herself was led to believe she had cancer for fundraising purposes. A doctor and expert on child abuse commented to a Enid PD detective that deception of that nature is tantamount to psychological child abuse.

Good will be back in court on September 26.