One-Time Playboy Model Hoping Fans Will GoFund Her ‘Job’ Has a History of GoFundMe Grifting

Jen WIlke Gofundme

Jen Wilke is a ‘model’ who appeared in Playboy several years ago, and therefore shall hereto be referred to as a ‘Playboy model’ although that implies some kind of important and/or ongoing relationship with Playboy. Nah.

Actually, the 32-year-old from Texas is hoping the generosity of her basement-dwelling, Waifu-loving fans will keep her going as she explores new opportunities. Because at 32, we all know a mediocre model has a world of opportunities ahead of her!

Let’s dig into her lovely GoFundMe campaign, shall we?

As a model, much of my life revolves around work. I am always conscious of my diet, and I spend long hours in the gym, as well as keep up with my online social media presence. Those, however, are just the basics on top of my regular day job. There is much, much more that goes into building a successful modeling career, just as there is much, much more that goes into building any successful brand. That is what I am really doing: I am building a brand.

Bruh, you’re 32. If you haven’t figured out how to tweet and work out at the same time, no amount of money will help you.

 I am getting all of the right kind of attention, and I have grown my fan base to encompass more than 2 million users on Facebook alone. The offers that I am getting for photo-shoots, castings, and key social events are what I have always dreamed of, and I am still worrying about covering basic expenses like clothing, travel, and lodging. It would mean the world to me to be able to focus on my modeling career exclusively. I know that I am almost at a point where I could support myself and once I am there, I intend on using my profile and my position for the good of society. I just need to get there first.

What the hell kind of shady, broke ass people are you ‘modeling’ for that don’t even pay travel? And let’s audit that 2 million users on Facebook claim right quick.

Jen Wilke Facebook

Um, 31,952 < 2,000,000 but I digress, back to the GoFundMe campaign.

That’s where you come in, GoFundMe. I am turning to you for help raising $(amount) to give me a boost into the future enabling me to say “yes” to many opportunities about which I have thus far been ambivalent. The money that you contribute will set me on a pathway to a brighter future, and for that I will be forever grateful. I thank you for your time.

$(amount)? LOL. She forgot to plug in the $10,000 she’s asking for, of which she’s raised a little over $1200.

In exchange for your generous donation, you can receive one of the following.

Jen Wilke rewards

As it so happens, this isn’t Jen’s first time turning to GoFundMe to GoFundAllherbullshit. Exhibit A:

Playboy model Gofundme

Sadly, that GoFundMe campaign has since been removed.

So, you’re telling us that in four years, this ‘model’ hasn’t been able to get her career rolling enough to pay for her own trips?

According to her website, Jen “attributes all of her success to her hard work.” Mhmm.


  1. Ashley Salazar

    hey let me give you some news on this. She got her 2 million like fan page suspended from facebook for posting click bait links too much. She won a playboy non nude contest. she wasnt actually in the magazine. she made the cover of the playboy swimsuit calendar because they used a photo from her photo shoot she won in the contest there for she was not paid to be on the cover. Her first gofundme was a scam she took the money but never went on the photo shoot. She was pay for play with a guy named Greg Hale who spent 10s of thousands of dollars on photographers, make up artists, trips, magazine covers and publicity. something happened between them and they are no longer associated with each other. This story of her recent gofundme gained national attention. she got her 15 min of fame for being a lazy, con artist wannabe model. her number is up and she will slowly fade into nothingness.

  2. Maia

    Please. She also one for her Dad’s funeral. What 60 something year old man doesn’t have his funeral expenses ready? I bet that was used for her “career”, as well.

    • Rikki Rockett

      oh yes and to get her bothers car fixed which a week later he posted a picture of his new car stereo

    • Roger Roger

      she is currently in France at Cannes Film Festival. She claims to be alone working but there are no photo shoot pics just a few of her walking around Cannes. Cannes is big for escorts this time of year.

  3. Fran Hollisworth

    This useless, lazy piece of garbage preys on poor, lonely betas via her various social media schemes. Granted, her scams are repetitive, shockingly transparent and pathetically sophomoric, but there a sucker born…you get the point.

    Wilke is just a piece of human trash – nothing more. She’ll be on her knees behind the dumpsters of Section 8 housing on the outskirts of Vegas in a few years, where I’m certain Tricia Evans will happily show her the ropes.

  4. Nikki Sixx

    she will have to do a gofundme to get there. Gas is expensive and then when her breaks go out she will need more money

  5. Yet her 3-400 creepy old guy followers still remain blissfully unaware of all this….

    • Are you sure they’re blissfully unaware? Seems to me they’re happy to throw $5 at her just to creep out on her. I don’t even want to think about what her inbox looks like.. *washes hands*

      • Ashley Alexis

        google jen wilke the dirty or jen wilke zwnation and read all about it

      • They know about her HoFundMe but not the scammy intentions behind it.

        • Ashley Alexis

          go look at her fan page. she posted a gofundme for a little girl with leukaemia saying she believes in helping others. she must have randomly picked it becuase there is no activity on the go fund me for the last 5 month. Jen Wilke is a saint now.

  6. So what happen to her now?

  7. Bre Marie Woolfe

    she is scraping at the bottom of the barrel hoping her “career” will take off

  8. Zwnation.com

    We broke the story! Love your coverage, gofraudme. Come visit anytime!

  9. Greg Fail

    welcome to the party. as you can see we like to travel in groups. Jen Wilkes stupidity brought us together lol

  10. greg

    you did a story on Jen Wilke in August about her asking for money to go to a Maxim party. It turns out her and her mom are con artists and her sister has called her out http://zwnation.com/jen-wilke-wide-open-part-one

  11. greg

    maybe a follow up post?

  12. Am I Annoying

    This latest GFM campaign is to help pay for her attorney for her 2 drug arrests in Gillespie County Texas in 2013 . She was in court as recently as spring – summer 2016 with an attorney to get around her 2 arrests and 3 seperate drug charges . Her mugshot is online .

  13. Jordan

    How did she get off on 2 separate arrests?

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