Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Pennsylvania Woman Accused of Stealing Just $347 From Premature Twin Babies

Jennifer Earnest GoFundMe

We’ve seen some pretty nasty behavior in the last two and a half years we’ve been on this depressing beat, from scammers stealing thousands for sick shelter dogs they later left to die to family friends leaving grieving parents with the burden of burying their child without so much as a penny in help despite thousands being raised for that purpose. Let’s not forget the mother in Nevada who not only pretended her kid was sick for sympathy and a GoFundMe campaign, but even held a fake funeral for the boy who turned out to be totally fine (well, except for the inevitable lifelong mental issues he’ll face knowing his mom held a fake funeral for him). Safe to say, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some real shitbags through this project.

Well, this next lady is going for a Best Shitbag Emmy Award here. 37-year-old Jennifer Earnest of Lewistown, PA is accused of diverting $347 raised via a GoFundMe campaign she set up for her nephew’s baby grandchildren to her own bank account. Like stealing candy from a sick little baby, you guys. Earnest was charged with failure to make required distribution of funds on September 6.

Her GoFundMe campaign — which has since been removed but is archived here — reads:

My nephew Dylan Wolfgang and his girlfriend Breanna Turners twin baby girls were born 3 months pre-mature on june 22nd in danville. The girls names are Harper Leigh and Haiden Lynn. Both girls were a little over 2lbs when they were born. Dylan and Breanna are staying at the Ronald Mcdonald house by the hospital. Breanna wasnt due until September 24th. The doctors are saying that the girls will probably be in the hospital until then if not longer. Both the girls are having problems but they are fighting. Looking for help (donations) for traveling, food, any expenses so Dylan and Breanna can continue to be at the hospital with there girls everyday. Thank you very much in advance anything would be greatly appreciated.

Wolfgang contacted police on August 22 after Earnest failed to turn over the money raised and later told him she used the money for herself.

In a statement to PennLive, full-time GoFundMe shill and boilerplate distributor Bobby Whithorne said “If a campaign organizer does not deliver funds to the intended recipient, GoFundMe will donate the undelivered amount to the right person. In this case, we’re in touch with all parties and we’ll ensure the money gets to the right place,” he said.

Earnest will be in court on October 4.