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Ecuador earthquake

Inviting Fraud

GoFundMe Pages Raised $1 Million for Ecuador, But How Much Will Ecuador See?

GoFuckery, Uncategorized

Go F**k Yourself Friday: Oh Cleveland; Much Ado About Minneapolis; The Devil and the Domain


How to Prevent People From Making GoFundMe Pages for You When You’re Dead

Medora school Gofundme

Not Fraud

Broke School Districts Are Turning to GoFundMe to Keep Needed Programs Alive

Mila Cheeks Cancer Recovery Fund

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

GoFundMe to Refund Victims of Kid with Cancer Scam, IF They Ask

Melissa Click gofundme

Probably Not Fraud Just Stupid

Fired Professor Who Should Know Better Now Slumming it on GoFundMe Because Clearly She Doesn’t

Amy Murray

Probably Not Fraud Just Stupid

Obese Mother Turns to GoFundMe to Pay for Weight Loss Surgery, Takes a Cruise

Tokyo Toni Gofundme

Probably Not Fraud Just Stupid

Blac Chyna’s Mom Hopes GoFundMe Will Help Her Tell Her Story, or Something

Just Stupid, Now It's Fraud

Prince Has Been Cremated but GoFundMe Page For His ‘Funeral’ Is Alive and Well

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Just Stupid

Felony Soda-Stealing Guy Has a GoFundMe Page for Legal Help

Ashley Lively fake cancer gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Meet the Young Lady in Tennessee Who Faked Terminal Cancer for Profit

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Funeral Costs

Family of Delaware Girl Killed in High School Fight Warns Against Fake GoFundMe Pages

Prince GoFundMe

Probably Not Fraud Just Stupid

Someone Has Already Created a GoFundMe Page to Get to Prince’s Funeral

Probably Not Fraud Just Stupid

Someone is Using GoFundMe to Expose People Who Use GoFundMe

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

New Hampshire Mother Accused of Faking Abuse Photos for GoFundMe Page

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