People Are Still Putting Up GoFundMe Campaigns to Beat Up Trump Supporters

Trump gofundme

Back in April, a humble dude with an anxious set of fists gained internet notoriety when he set up a GoFundMe campaign to fight Trump supporters. Not fight them at the polls or morally or whatever, like literally fight them. Jerry Springer chair-throwing fight them.

That campaign was removed, natch (inciting violence is a no-no according to GoFundMe T&Cs), but it hasn’t prevented others from hopping on the hate wagon.

This guy is seeking just $120 to fight every Trump supporter in the world, which leads me to believe there might be just a single Trump supporter to fight and it’s the guy who lives across the street from the campaign owner. Whatever. $120 is a steal, I’m truly shocked no one has donated yet.

fight trump supporters gofundme

Then we’ve got this guy who is asking for a whole $400, and couldn’t even be arsed to make up a full name for his campaign. Come on, GoFundMe, y’all are just being lazy letting shit like this fly. HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A LAST NAME.

fight trump supporters gofundme

Without taking sides, campaigns like this only prove what we already know: no one is minding the store at GoFundMe. Want to put up a campaign in obvious violation of terms and conditions? Have at it! It’s not like anyone will notice or anything. Well, almost anyone. *Waves*

Lord, I can’t wait for this election to be over…