Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Police Searching for Woman They Say Created Fake GoFundMe Page, Impersonated a Reporter

Maddox Lawrence

Way back in April, we told you about the sad tale of little Maddox Lawrence of Syracuse, NY, a 3-year-old murdered, burned, and dumped in a creek by her dad. At that time, the family’s official GoFundMe campaign was receiving the full ire of various Internet meanies, who felt compelled to question the motives of Maddox’s mom Morgan.

We also mentioned then that several fake GoFundMe pages had gone up in the days following the discovery of Maddox’s body, but as far as we knew they were quickly taken down and that was that. Or was it? reports that authorities are on the hunt for Brianna C. Cummings of Utica, who is accused of not only setting up a fake GoFundMe page but stealing the identity of TWC traffic anchor Lacey Leonardi to do it.

Cummings, 23, was ticketed in July and has missed two court appearances since. She is accused of misdemeanor third-degree identity theft for using the news anchor’s identity for the fake GoFundMe campaign.

About $150 was raised before the phony campaign was taken down, authorities say they don’t think Cummings was able to cash out.

An arrest warrant hasn’t been issued yet.