You know, Internet bullying is out of hand. So is calling any minor slight “bullying.” The world is a cruel, cruel place, stop being a baby and deal with it. If you put yourself out there like that online, you should be prepared for the worst. I mean, I put my ass in the Daily Mail FFS, you know how vicious their comment section can be. My ass and I digress.

It seems Vona Clay has learned that lesson the hard way. After she posted a photo of her pregnant belly on her now-private Instagram, it was picked up and turned into the following meme:

Teenager meme

*snort* Y’all ain’t right.

Anyhoo, she’s now seeking damages from the Internet for her pain and suffering in the form of a GoFundMe campaign because hey, that’s what we do nowadays right.

From the campaign description:

This is my friend Vona. If you recognize her picture, you’ll understand the backstory. Vona is currently 9 months pregnant and carrying a healthy baby girl. Someone got a hold of her pictures and began to harass and bully her. Her picture went viral with thousands of hateful comments that led her into a deep depression. This experience taught her a lot. So we would like to donate some of the proceeds to www.stompout We are raising money on behalf of Vona and her Baby & AntiBullying. Some of the donations will be contributed to her and Marley (her daughter) for things such as dipaers, bottles, formula, clothes and also money for day care. This will also Help her while she is out of work.   Please understand how hard this is for Vona. Thank you for all you can do! In conclusion I would love to start a non-profit called MAGIC I would like to uplift people with low selfesteem to inhance their appearance.

So we’re supposed to believe someone named Vona started this campaign for her friend who also happens to be named Vona? Gurl. It’s not like your name is Jennifer or Heather or even Madison. But whatever. What we can gather from this is that Miss Vona is in need of “dipaers” and formula, both of which have absolutely nothing to do with the Internet being the Internet. If you aren’t adult enough to handle some jackasses on the Internet, are you sure you’re mature enough to raise a child? Children can be real dicks, they’re like miniature people who had a stroke and just say the first thing that pops into their head.

So far, she’s gotten $65 of a $5000 goal. In the process, she’s spread the meme that much further. I mean, if it was that traumatic, why share it on a GoFundMe page? Rhetorical, don’t answer that.

Good luck, I guess? Expect many, many more memes to come. That’s just how the Internet rolls, my dear.