Mere hours after the announcement that one of the world’s greatest talents of all time had left this mortal coil at the young age of just 57, a woman in Indianapolis took to GoFundMe to set up a page to get to Prince’s funeral. There was just one small problem with this: it was unlikely a private man such as Prince was would want a spectacle of a funeral, no less one open to any member of the public with the means to attend.

That suspicion came true when it was announced yesterday that Prince had chosen cremation and a private service was held for close friends and family.

So why is the fundraiser — which clearly states it is to “help get me to his funeral” — still up? It’s not like it’s flying under GoFundMe’s radar, it’s only been mentioned in countless publications and shared on social media over 100k times.

Prince GoFundMe

The right thing to do would be to refund donors and pull the page immediately before any more money comes in. One could argue that the page should have been pulled days ago but technically there wasn’t any real violation, unless being a tasteless money-grubbing trollop is suddenly a violation of GoFundMe terms.

What are you waiting for, GoFundMe? There is no funeral to go to, therefore there shouldn’t be any plea for funds to get there. This one is a no-brainer, just like the jackass who put up the fundraiser in the first place.

Pull. It.