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Psst, Come Take Our GoFundMe Survey

Honest Gofundme

Surveys are awesome, amiright? Well, sometimes. Except for those ones that pop up on a news article that keep you from the actual article until you go through 10 stupid questions about your ethnicity and whether or not you pay for cable. Fuck those.

In the interest of getting to know our readers, we put together this quick survey we hope you’ll take three minutes out of your day to take. There’s no reward for doing so, except the rewarding warm feeling in your heart you’ll get knowing your contributions might just end up in a condescending open letter to GoFundMe one day.

Anyone is welcome to take it whether or not you’ve ever given to a GoFundMe campaign, and all responses are anonymous.

GoFundMe survey

Thanks in advance and safe crowdfunding, y’all!