GoFuckery, GoFundMe Fraud

Rapper Jim Jones Says GoFundMe For Mother’s House Fire is a Fake, “I have insurance stupid lol”

Jim Jones Instagram GoFundMe

Rapper Jim Jones — who my fellow Richmonders might better know as newly announced minority owner of the Richmond Roughriders or maybe not since arena football still hasn’t caught on in a town full of Steelers, Cowboys, and Redskins fans (seriously, how does that happen? GO PACK by the way) — recently spoke out about a GoFundMe campaign started in the hours after his mother’s house in New Jersey succumbed to fire. Thankfully everyone got out OK from the Christmas Day blaze but the house is a loss.

Jim Jones Instagram GoFundMe

On December 26th Jones wrote from his verified Instagram account:

This is a lie do not send money to this fraud its not us we have nothin to do wit this I have insurance stupid lol it’s fucked up people use other people’s tragedies to benefit from
Fuck u n go fund me for allowing this to happen I see go fund me allow allot of this bullshit to happen they must b really makin lot of money if of people misfortunes ps thnku to everyone who text called emailed and showed so much love n concearn to my family we are happy to b together n everybody safe happy holidays from th jones’s

The campaign was quickly removed from GoFundMe but not before we preserved a copy for all eternity because you know how we do. Archive.is link here, Wayback Machine link here.

The GoFundMe campaign in question from a Loretha Lyon appeared almost immediately after he posted to Instagram about the house fire. “On this Christmas my mom’s house just burnt down,” he says from the scene. “But the best gift of all is that my family, all my family is together, everybody is safe.”

NJ.com reports that “everyone inside the home — including the family’s dog — was able to escape, but that three people sustained minor injuries” but the family’s cat is missing. The house has been deemed uninhabitable and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Hugs to the Jones family and glad y’all are all safe! Can’t say I disagree with Mr. Jones’ assessment about GoFundMe allowing this nonsense from people with zero connection to anything just making GoFundMes for the hell of it. Hit me up next time you’re in RVA, Jim, let’s catch a Roughriders game.