Forgive the delay on getting to this one, it’s taken us a few days to process the pure gall of it.

So, we’re gonna set aside our usual wistful prose for this one and let the screenshots do the talking because, honestly, they’ll do a better job putting this together than we can.

First, did y’all know you can order fake ultrasounds on the Internet? Yeah, me neither. TIL!

See Exhibit A from the esteemed “FakeaBaby” website:


“For Entertainment Purposes Only” LOL Oh, this is entertaining alright.

This is an ultrasound previously posted by alleged GoFundMe grifter Vanessa McKenzie, supposedly a postal worker out on maternity leave.

Vanessa McKenzie fake baby

WOW that looks so familiar. As in literally the same.

Alright, now let’s let Facebook report:

Okay listen y’all, this the tea that I gathered. So this dude by the name of Snappin Carter (check his Facebook) posted a post last night exposing this chick by the name of Vanessa McKenzie who he thought was the mother of his daughter, Taraji Carter born Dec. 19th. Now although both Snappin Carter and Vanessa are from Pompano, Florida, she claimed she went into labor in Orlando while visiting. However, before Snappin Carter could go and see the baby, Vanessa told him that their daughter had passed while in the hospital the day after being born, which was Dec. 20th ? Sad right? Yes very ? but wait there’s more. Okay, so Snapping Carter got all sad about the death of his daughter and goes to Facebook to vent.

It’s long gone, of course, but a GoFundMe campaign by McKenzie quickly went up. All that remains are these lowly screenshots, as it was quickly removed no sooner than it went up.

Fake Baby GoFundMe

Fake baby Gofundme

She wanted some shirts made, as well.

Taraji Carter shirt


About that baby? Her name is Kamaya and her real mom is Kassandra Rodriguez, who says her baby is alive and well. You read that right, this lady used a fake ultrasound picture anyone can buy on the internet and then stole some other lady’s baby pics to pass off as her dead daughter. And THEN, as if the entire thing weren’t awful enough, put together a GoFundMe campaign to bury the daughter she never had. I can’t.

Thankfully, this didn’t take a Lifetime Movie turn and no actual babies were harmed in the making of this lie. Be careful out there, folks, I don’t even know what is real anymore.