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How to Report GoFundMe Fraud

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So you think you found a fraudulent crowdfunding campaign. What can you do about it? I’m glad you asked. Although the platform claims “nearly all GoFundMe campaigns are accurate and funds are delivered and used for their stated purpose,” this website wouldn’t exist if GoFundMe fraud weren’t a serious and pervasive issue.

Report GoFundMe fraud

Before you get trigger-happy on the Report button, it would be helpful to know what kind of fraud you think it is. Campaign owners are bound by GoFundMe’s Terms and Conditions, which do outline certain behaviors which are prohibited on the platform. You’re going to have the best luck shutting down a fraudulent GoFundMe page if you can prove it is in violation of these terms.

As of 12/2015, the following are prohibited in GoFundMe campaigns:

  1. any activity that violates any law or governmental regulation;
  2. content or campaigns that are fraudulent, misleading, inaccurate or dishonest;
  3. illegal drugs, narcotics, steroids, controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety or any related paraphernalia;
  4. knives, explosives, ammunition, firearms, or other weaponry or accessories;
  5. annuities, investments, equity or lottery contracts, lay-away systems, off-shore banking or similar transactions, money service businesses (including currency exchanges, check cashing or the like), debt collection or crypto-currencies;
  6. gambling, gaming and/or any other activity with an entry fee and a prize, including, but not limited to casino games, sports betting, fantasy sports, horse or greyhound racing, lottery tickets, other ventures that facilitate gambling, games of skill or chance (whether or not it is legally defined as a lottery) or sweepstakes;
  7. the promotion of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination or terrorism, or racial, ethnic, or gender intolerance of any kind;
  8. activities with, in, or involving countries, regions, governments, persons, or entities (including but not limited to Specially Designated Nationals) that are subject to U.S. economic sanctions, unless authorized by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, U.S. Department of the Treasury;
  9. human trafficking or exploitation;
  10. pornography or other sexual content;
  11. offensive, graphic, perverse or sensitive content;
  12. the defense or support of anyone alleged to be involved in criminal activity;
  13. offering monetary rewards, including gift cards;
  14. funding an abortion;
  15. ending the life of an animal;
  16. transactions for the sale of items before the seller has control or possession of the item;
  17. collection of payments on behalf of merchants by payment processors or otherwise; or
  18. credit repair or debt settlement services.

A large portion of the messages we get from people asking for help in shutting down scam campaigns fall under content or campaigns that are fraudulent, misleading, inaccurate or dishonest; it just so happens that’s also the most difficult violation to prove. Think about it: a GoFundMe page that explicitly requests donations for cocaine, abortions, and/or dildos is a flagrant violation of the rules. However, a page that purports to exist for one purpose (say, “Help Scummy Sally avoid eviction”) but actually exists for another, unspoken purpose (“actually, all your donations will go toward Scummy Sally’s cocaine habit”) is much harder to prove. How do you know Scummy Sally won’t spend the money on back rent? Unless of course you’re Scummy Sally’s drug dealer, in which case you have intimate knowledge of her finances, however you are probably unlikely to report her ratchet GoFundMe as fraud.

GoFundMe doesn’t know Scummy Sally and with 100,000 new fundraisers started every single month, they have no way to know which Scummy Sally of the countless Scummy Sallies on their site are actually snorting up their crowdfunding money. So if you’re taking it upon yourself to report a fundraiser you believe to be fraudulent, you need to have your evidence ready.

How to report a fraudulent GoFundMe page

So, head to her campaign and then scroll down to the bottom and hit the handy dandy report button:

report a GoFundMe page

From here, you’ll be presented with a set of options. It’s obvious which one you should pick but fuck it, we’ll tell you anyway:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6

From there, you’ll get a set of FAQs. Most notable:

“Personal disputes between two parties will be ignored.”

Let me repeat that on GoFundMe’s behalf:

“Personal disputes between two parties will be ignored.”

What that means is that if you and Scummy Sally used to be friends but for whatever reason got all pissed at each other and now you want to hate on her GoFundMe page, they could not possibly care less. Don’t use the Report button to troll people you don’t like or high school friends on your Facebook page using GoFundMe for reasons you find morally repugnant. There will always be campaigns that straddle the line between ethical and dubious but it isn’t your job to be the crowdfunding police. The “report” function should be used for fraud. That said, feel free to drop us a line if you need to complain about what a loser Sally is.

Now, if you are sure the campaign is fraudulent and not just stupid or ridiculous (to date, being a jackass on GoFundMe is not illegal), you can scroll down further:

Report GoFundMe campaign

Before you take that step, ask yourself if the suspected fraud falls under GoFundMe guidelines for possible fraud:

  1. They are intentionally including factually incorrect information on their campaign.
  2. They have not used the funds that were raised for the stated purpose within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. They are impersonating someone else or have copied a campaign that already exists on GoFundMe.

From there, you’ll fill out your information and explain why you think the campaign is fraudulent. This step is the most important and I say this with the utmost respect but holy shit, please try to form complete sentences. I can’t tell you how many messages I get that are written using 2nd grade English and lacking any sort of logic or point. GoFundMe can’t help you if they can’t understand you. So be succinct, be informative, and above all else be sensible. They don’t care about your backstory or how Scummy Sally kicked your cat that one time 20 years ago, stick to the facts surrounding the campaign and why you believe it to be fraudulent.

It seems that GoFundMe is most responsive to actual donors rather than concerned third parties who haven’t actually been ripped off by a GoFundMe fraudster, so if you gave to the campaign in question be sure to note that.

Being that it’s a relatively new phenomenon and growing leaps and bounds every day, crowdfunding is still a new technology and as such, policing it can be a tricky business. Staying diligent and reporting any suspect pages does help, at least until law enforcement is better empowered to prosecute offenders and crowdfunding platforms themselves find a way to weed out questionable campaigns. Until that time comes, we’ll be here.

GoFundMe Refund Policy

As of October 2016, GoFundMe now offers The GoFundMe Guarantee. What this means is that if the campaign and your donation meet certain terms, you can get your money back.

If you believe you have been a victim of GoFundMe fraud, then follow this link to beg and plead to get your money back. And good luck.

Report Fraud to Us

If you need additional assistance, you can use this formto report GoFundMe fraud to us and we’ll look into it. Please have evidence ready to corroborate your claim, and keep in mind we aren’t the police nor are we GoFundMe, so we can’t remove campaigns or prosecute scammers.


  1. Pete

    The whole concept behind gofundme.com floors me. The fact that there are stupid people that give money to something on the internet they can’t check out, makes me sad for western civilization. It also amazes me that poverty-stricken 3rd world people aren’t more involved in creating campaigns. I would have though the site would be filled with Nigerian/India/Paki campaigns: after all, there is an enormous amount of suffering in their toilet-like, failed societies. Given 3rd world people’s desperation to get cash for free from white people, I guess the campaigns do get started, but their inbred, subintellects mean the campaigns are obviously fake and get reported straight away. Back to western people: the only consolation of a site like gofundme.com is that it’s parting stupid people with their cash. I like that part. And LOL about gofundme not getting involved in personal disputes: god I can just imagine the complaints – fat women slighted by someone, making their issue out like it’s of national importance, dropping C-list names to bolster their case etc. etc…have another cake you fat c**ts!

    • Tracey

      Oh yes, because only WHITE PEOPLE donate money and so only WHITE PEOPLE are defrauded. Shove it all the way up your arse. Go cry your salty Caucasian Tears somewhere else.

  2. Boe Bodkins

    I have a friend whose daughter came down with cancer Some people he New started a GoFundMe account to help her get back and forth to her treatments At the Children’s Hospital at st. Jude’s inMemphis Tennessee When it came time To close the account so that I could use the money they have the check sent to them in their name And yet they cashed it and kept the moneyMy friend’s little girl and him got nothing But a lot of heartache is there anything that can be done about thisI know nothing about this website or anything about the fundraising I just want to help my friend And his little girl

    • Boe, shoot me an email at adrienne@gofraudme.com and let’s get to the bottom of it. Those people should be held accountable if they basically stole money from a sick little girl.

    • nancy

      That is terrible,my thoughts and prayers are with your friends daughter and family.I myself am fighting an autoimmune disease called Sarcoidosis,and cardio myopathy with ventricular tachycardia among just a few.
      would you be so kind as to share my link?if not that is fine too. [GoFundMe campaign link removed by admin]
      I believe you can write to gfm and tell them of this situation that happened to your friend.

  3. Linda Connick

    who do I contact, about someone having a fundraiser, saying they have cancer, but doesn’t. She has hepatitis c. The $2,500 she got, she used to buy a car.

    • Do you have evidence?

      • Jillian Wittmans go fund me page is fake. She is staying off that Facebook letting on she is so sick but opened another neon starfall that shows she on all the time. Fraud is fraud and needs to stop thanks

  4. DONNA


  5. TJ Zark

    Does this site only handle GoFundMe or is CrowdFunder also eligible?

    • We’ll tackle anything personal crowdfunding. Product-based crowdfunding issues should be directed at Kickscammed.

  6. Shaun Brantley

    I never set up a gofundme account I’m being used and I don’t want to be accountable for any of the money that was taken from this go fund me account I’ve never set up

  7. Jamie

    My children’s father passed and his sister set up a go fund me for donations to the children. We needed some things. I asked her for the money. She told me to pound sand. Go fund me closed the page and let her keep the money. I never authorized my children or their grief to be used in crowdfunding.





  10. Celia Athumani

    Myself and several friends have tried on numerous occasions to report a campaign that is in breach of Go Fund Me’s T & C’s. But no luck as GFM has not pulled the campaign or even made any acknowledgment of our complaint. The campaign is definitely fraudulent- as the woman running the campaign now says she won’t use the funds for which they were raised.


    The second largest and SUCCESSFUL fundraiser at $1.2 million (Veterans For Standing Rock) has not
    publically accounted for ANY of the Funds Raised.
    They morphed into a VERY slick radical political 501c with a $900,000 condo in LA.
    Don’t kid yourself, Crime does pay if you do it right….


    A little update on the poster child for “take the money and run “Veterans For Standing Rock” and
    Michael Wood Jr. &Co.
    I have a legal background as a paralegal in the area of legal research. Connecting the dots and asking questions that I already know the answer too is one of the things I do best.
    I’ve been to Federal Court as a Plaintiff and gotten an out of Court Settlement for my efforts, and it’s the ONLY way to bring GoFundMe and Certify to the table.
    I’ve dancing with GoFundMe on the accountability issue of the Funds, as this involves Federal Criminal Code issue’s an State Criminal Codes with the Wire Transfer of money.
    In short, you are pissing against the wind with trying to invoke the local authorities, (police, etc.)
    They have to be taken into Court as Defendants.
    I’m not going to get into the tall grass with all that is involved with this, suffice to say that without a full DOCUMENTED disclosure, there is
    nothing that will happen until you get a paper trail to establish a pattern.
    A high profile case like this could be a good starting point. $1.2 Million will get someone’s attention, and a Class Action lawsuit against GoFundMe could set a precedent.
    Go Defund Me in the works…
    More to follow….

  13. I was trying to set up a gofundme page and my email shows i my email is being used for this. I have never done this or gave permission for my email to be used

  14. Linda grenon

    Some one ft om fb on the name of kathy Ostranger said 2 weeks ago her sister house burned down in correct she was renting from seniors that owned that house she already raise few thousands of dollars that money should go to that seniors couple because they didnt have insurance on their house that was rented from lIsa savard that her sister kathy Ostranger organized n the red cross already helped her sister so we don’t think that is fair for the owner of that burn home

  15. Jannie Hanagriff

    My next door neighbor is using go fund me to pay his personal bills. He refuses to get a job and support himself. He has about 6 campaigns. Including the ones his late wife had for her cervical cancer. Shes gone now but i cant get go fund me to remove them

  16. Adeline Ellis

    The biggest fraud is from you. This is twice I hit Other and you gave yourselves a $100 tip. Iā€™m reporting you to our Senator once again.
    Take the tip off ASAP

  17. Carmen Rivera


  18. Jenny

    Oh, if people only knew about our neighbor. He’s a combination of Beavis and Butthead with a lot of “Deliverance” thrown in. The whole family is a train wreck. I feel sorry for anyone who donates to them, their child did have cancer, it’s in remission but the ‘dad’ seems to have Munchausen by proxy, it’s sick how he’s almost happy about all the stuff that ‘he’ gets to participate in. He gets money from the state to ‘take care’ of her, but they’re all welfare cases and instead of using the money to ‘buy gas to take her to doctor appointments’, he uses it for himself, not for her. After her treatments were done, he was taking her for rides in his convertible, she lives in an absolutely filth ridden trailer, and the mind boggles how the doctors and nurses do not notice this! Even the home health care nurse should have said something- she had been being tutored by a neighbor and the neighbor said she had to have the poor girl come down to her house because of the stench from animal feces in the summer makes it impossible for her to breathe. It basically comes down to this- if you are dirt poor and are living off your wife’s family and don’t own any property, nobody will do anything to you. I feel so sorry for the kid because she’s living in absolute filth and nothing will happen. Even foster care would be better than what she’s living with now. Nobody cares and nobody will do anything to help that poor girl.

  19. JMG

    I know someone asking for $10k for new hearing aids on GFM. Spoke with an audiologist who said no one in their right mind should pay that amount…high end aids are 6k, mid range 5k, and basic are 3k. And that includes all doc visits, testing, fitting etc. It blows me away how quickly she raised over 8k, and NO one has asked to see proof! Are there this many dumb people out there?!
    Her campaign was put online just a week after she asked for $10k from a family member of mine – to “put down on a new house”. Hmmmm all of a sudden she needs $10k hearing aids…
    I looked at other campaigns by her family and her sister also got over 10k for her “lost hearing aids”, and her sis also got 18k for an emergency trip to London for her sick father-in-law in early 2018. I know international tix are expensive but 18k!?! WOW. I’d love to take an international trip with free money, but thank goodness I am not sick enough to expect others to pay for any of my needs!
    I also know this person raised 10k several years back for a special service dog that she just had to have. Even though my neighbor offered for me to show her the FREE dogs she trains as service dogs. Those weren’t good enough apparently. No one questioned it, she got the donations right away and off to Cali she flew to get this dog. I know for a fact the dog has not done all of its job as her special needs son has still gotten into things he shouldn’t and it didn’t stop him or alert anyone. So adding up what these 2 women have raised for themselves in just a matter of several years – nearly $50k in free money!!
    While the rest of us are actually working real jobs, struggling to make ends meet at times, these people are enjoying free money that other people worked hard for!
    By the way, this person drives a luxury SUV that honestly if she was so desperate for $ to buy herself hearing aids she could have sold the car, gotten a nice used Honda and still bought the aids. But I guess that would require self sufficiency and she does not appear to have that.
    She also left a property in complete FILTH that is owned by my family members and they had to pay a lot of money to clean it up in order to sell it.
    They live like gypsies and I’m truly sad for their children who are the ultimately the ones who suffer the greatest. šŸ™
    I wish your site had a page dedicated to exposing these people and making it more public.
    GFM definitely will not get involved when they find out it’s a personal matter but what they need to realize is the people who KNOW these campaigners are defrauding others, know what they know because they have personal knowledge of their lives and lifestyles.
    I don’t understand why GFM can’t at least require copies of doc bills/quotes etc before allowing people to post asking for free money. It’s truly despicable and they should be ASHAMED of themselves!!!

  20. ricardo quezada

    Duanea Delgadillo has no business setting up a GoFundMe page for Jillian. She is not doing it for Jillian she is doing it for herself. Jillian’s family has a restraining order on Duanea Delgadillo and they have advised her that they want nothing to do with her and want nothing from her and she is not welcome or permitted at the services. So why is she raising money for funeral services she is not having. This person is delusional, she thinks by deporting Jillian’s husband she will have rights to get Jillian’s baby boy Dominic.
    If She really cared, she would put that $10,000 life insurance she had on Jillian and put it in a trust fund for Jillian’s baby boy Dominic for his future use.

  21. Christopher Russeau

    Are you interested in a huge (almost $2 mill) debacle that was handled via several crowdfunding platforms and resulted in ZERO production? Involves several years and a lawsuit by CBS/Paramount. Would make a HUGE story. Let me know. We have tons of corroborating info.

  22. Marlanea Duckworth

    How do i report a fraud someone set up a gofund in my name without my permission but then told me after the fact saying they set it up to help me get my car repaired get food and houseing the gufund made $360. She sent me a copy on facebook showing me how much gofund took out and said she would have the money on the 21st she got the money and said she was bringing it to me a week ago now she has stoped responding to my messages on facebook we are a homeless family and can really use that money we sleep in a broke down car in a parking lot and need food she has since closed the gofund account but she used my situation name and pictures to get that money i have proof with the messages she sent me

  23. Marlanea Duckworth

    Hi i didnt get the email so that i can send you the stuff i just checked

  24. Charlie

    How safe is your info when you report a campaign? I have a situation that will cause major family drama if I report it, but I can’t, in good conscience, let it continue. If it comes out that I am the one who reported it I won’t ever get to see my nieces and nephews again.

  25. Lorna Raye

    How do I report a potential fraud on one of your go fund me page?

    • What? Follow the instructions in the post to report a fraud. Not sure what you mean by “on one of your GoFundMe page”?

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