Report GoFundMe Fraud

Hi there! So you think you found some fraud, eh? Cool, we’ll check into it.

Please use the form below. Note: due to the volume of reports, we can’t investigate every campaign. Before you submit a campaign, be sure to check out our post on How to Report GoFundMe Fraud. And contact your local police/state attorney’s office if you believe the campaign has broken any laws in your jurisdiction. Before you do so, be sure to save a full copy of the GoFundMe campaign in question; we use for this and suggest you do the same.

If you have additional documentation, please email it to us or use Dropbox to get it to us. We’re especially interested in emails to/from GoFundMe, any communication with the campaign owner, as well as any other evidence that supports your fraud claim. Please note that fraud is a serious accusation, and only a small percentage of campaigns reported to us are actually fraudulent.

If we think it’s worth investigating, we’ll get in touch, so be sure to include contact info.