Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Rhode Island Woman Who Allegedly Scammed $28k With Fake Cancer Is Even Worse Than Suspected

Alicia Pierini Mohawk

The other day y’all met Alicia Pierini, the Woonsocket woman (why is that phrase so hilarious??) accused of pretending to have cancer and raking in at least $28,000 via a GoFundMe campaign set up by her boyfriend.

So, (allegedly) faking cancer is bad enough, but by some miracle of the GoFundMe gods, it seems that she’s even worse than initially suspected. How one could possibly be worse than faking cancer is mind-blowing but by golly, she managed it.

Turtleboy Sports dug up some incriminating Facebook posts and I’ll warn you, they’re bad. Like this will go down on your permanent record bad.

See Exhibit A:

Alicia Pierini Cancer Tattoo

Your eyes are not deceiving you, this chick actually got a cancer tattoo. Now, it’s common sense that getting tattooed while going through chemo probably isn’t the best idea; you’re at a higher risk of infection, not to mention that people actually going through chemo probably aren’t thinking about hitting the tattoo parlor as they are more focused on, I dunno, staying the fuck alive.

Oh, and then there’s this. Ladies and gentlemen, Exhibit B:

Michael Pierini obituary

Her dad died this past March and his obituary got hijacked by her GoFundMe campaign. One can reasonably assume, then, that her dad left this Earth (RIP, dad) believing that his daughter had cancer. Not to mention how unbelievably tacky it is to slap your GoFundMe campaign on someone else’s death notice. I mean sweet baby Jesus, bruh.

Oh, and she happily took $5000 from her boyfriend’s mom for her (allegedly) fake medical bills because hey, why not.

Ron Petrin GoFundMe

Unless this dude is the absolute worst boyfriend on the planet, it’s pretty unlikely he wasn’t in on the cancer scam. Are we to believe that he never went to a single oncologist appointment? Didn’t take her to her supposed chemotherapy sessions? Didn’t comfort her after those sessions?

Yeah. This doesn’t look good. But hey, at least she’ll always have that tattoo to remind her of that time she faked cancer and scammed $28,000 from unsuspecting generous people on GoFundMe. Allegedly.


  1. n3xul

    here a real case… my friend really need help.. im tired of losing friends please help him :'(

    We’re raising money for one of my friend so that he may get treatment. He’s suffering from cancer and he will only have 8 more months to live without treatment. Please support him! Any amount counts!

    This is the link to his GoFundMe:
    [redacted w/ editor note: Yeah no. I can’t believe you’d even post this here. Gross. Also, that isn’t how CANCER diagnoses work. If your friend is genuinely in need then that sucks and I’m sorry but wow just no.]

    • SOnya

      That’s bold. That’s really bold. To write that here on I am not a cancer survivor but I have lupus, I’m really in a wheelchair, and I can’t stand scammers. You make truly sick people look bad. And no, I don’t need money. I’m just fine. If you had a gofundme to get rid of disease, then sign me up for that. Otherwise, just no.

  2. Michelle

    She’s a real piece of shit.

  3. Janice

    Am I terrible? My grown child has a list of severe medical conditions as long as our arms, and I had ovarian cancer (remission now) and we’d NEVER DREAM of putting ourselves on the internet asking for money; and I guess for that reason I’m repulsed by not just these fakers, but yes, real people like us asking. Am I terrible (and alone) in my thinking?

    I found this site because I was repulsed by a “real” gofundme account where parents, on the day their child died, made a gofundme account and are raking in the dough (more than double they asked for so far and still going) I can’t help it, I’m repulsed by it all. Shame on me, right? But, even if everyone tells me shame on me, I believe I’ll continue to feel this way. *sigh*

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