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Unfunny Jackass Starts a GoFundMe to Fight Donald Trump’s 10-Year-Old Kid

Fight Barron Trump GoFundMe

So, it was mildly entertaining — if ethically dubious — when a Washington DC native put up a hundred million dollar GoFundMe to fight Trump supporters. And it was also a bit funny — if illegal and idiotic — when someone sought $10 million to hire Mexicans to “take care of” our new president. But the following is just… insane.

On Inauguration Day, a presumed grown ass man put up a GoFundMe campaign seeking $25k to fight 10-year-old Barron Trump, the first boy in the White House since America’s beloved son the late John F. Kennedy, Jr.

“I wanna fight this little know it all scumbag of Donald Trump’s kid, help me do that,” wrote some random guy calling himself Roland Meisler.

GoFundMe terms and conditions explicitly forbid “the promotion of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases.”

As of press time, the campaign is still live. Since GoFundMe will no doubt want to make this one disappear as soon as it ends up on their radar, we’ve saved an archived copy here.

Y’all ain’t right. He’s a kid FFS. He can’t help to whom he was born.