Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

[UPDATE] Soaring Paws is Grounded After Heat From Critics Shut Down Their GoFundMe Efforts

Those of you who follow us on Facebook know that we’ve got a bug up our butt about Soaring Paws, a Florida-based ‘charity’ that purports to fly dogs in need to waiting homes. Thing is, the outfit is pretty shady. I mean, you know it’s shady when even GoFundMe is getting in on the hating, it takes a lot for GoFundMe to be like “yeah, that’s shady.”

If there’s anything we hate more than GoFundMe grifters, it’s GoFundMe grifters who manipulate animal lovers into giving up their hard-earned cash under the guise of “helping” animals. This clown seems to have cornered the market on that, and as such he should pay.

From Aero News Network:

The crowdfunding website GoFundMe has suspended a campaign instituted by the pet rescue organization Soaring Paws while it looks into the finances of the group and its founder, Albert Lonzo Adams III.

Adams is asking donors to help him buy an airplane to fly dogs and cats from shelters to rescue groups, which is a fairly common practice in the U.S. But many pilots donate their time and use of their airplanes to such efforts.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that GoFundMe media director Kelsea Little said that Adams’ campaign has been “suspended while we are reviewing it. We were alerted to this by the GoFundMe community.”

Here’s a cap of Soaring Paws shilling on GoFundMe for a plane that wasn’t even for sale.

Soaring Paws plane

Patty Ryan over at The Tampa Bay Times has written several pieces about the saga of Soaring Paws, and last week good ole Al found himself on the receiving end of some well-deserved ire after a piece on This Ain’t Hell brought focus to his questionable military service. The best part was the ‘Colonel’ himself in the comments not only losing his shit but faking comments from his own IP address as supporters of Soaring Paws. Oh boy.

He claims he was “hacked” but who else would post bullshit like this?

Albert Adams asshole

Now it seems Soaring Paws is laying low.

Soaring Paws Facebook page? Gone.

Soaring Paws website? Gone.

Soaring Paws PayPal account? Gone (or likely frozen).

Soaring Paws Twitter? It’s still there, but Al blocked me because he’s a cowardly little piece of dried dog shit.

Soaring Paws Twitter

It seems Soaring Paws has disappeared, except those of us who have dealt with scumbags like this know all too well that the internet doesn’t forget.

Where are you, Soaring Paws? And what are you trying to hide?

Oh Alllllllll. Come out and play-ayyyyyy.

Update: The Facebook page is back up and he claims he was hacked. It’s funny that the hacker went through and deleted a bunch of earlier posts. That’s. Not. How. Hacking. Works.

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