Geez, lady, his body isn’t even cold yet.

In case you don’t have a Facebook account and/or live under a rock without so much as a crappy 3G connection, Prince has died. As tragic as that is, what’s more tragic is that someone immediately took to GoFundMe to fire up a (s)campaign to get to his funeral.

Y’all know I love me some Prince… I just need y’all to help get me to his funeral. Lord I broke down in Sam’s Club… y’all I was on the floor SangN “Purple Rain”… This man was supposed to sAng “Darling Nikki ” at my wedding….. Lord help me make it through this!

Any donation will help.

Meeka Late

prince gofundme

SEE? She’s sad, y’all. Quick, send money! She’s asking for $3000 which is pretty crazy considering how cheap things are in the Midwest but whatever.

There’s no telling how long the page will stay up so you better read the comments while you can because they’re amazing.

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RIP Prince. And Meeka? You are why doves cry.