Milo is having a very bad February, you guys. He just resigned from Breitbart after video surfaced that some say shows him endorsing pedophilia. Regardless of how you perceive his comments, pedophilia actually refers to sex acts with prepubescent children and he definitely didn’t say he’s into that but we’re splitting frosted tip hairs here. Of all the incendiary things he’s ever said, that particular combination of words has led to quite the series of unfortunate events.

Just yesterday, it was announced that the conservative imprint of Simon & Schuster decided it would not go ahead with releasing his book Dangerous.

Combing his Facebook page, you find hundreds of supporters suggesting he self publish. Still others have urged him to do a Kickstarter. And then you have this guy, who threw up a GoFundMe on his own accord without even asking Milo if he wanted or needed the money.

“ALL MONEY WILL GO TO PUBLISHING MILO’s BOOK!” writes campaign organizer Tim Shive Jr. And that’s it. That’s all he wrote in his plea for $100k. Is that how much a self published book costs these days? Something tells me Tim didn’t Google it that hard.

Milo book gofundme

Look at this damn half-assed picture Tim used to set up the campaign. It looks like he sent it to himself from an AOL email back in 1995 and it only just now got here.

Milo GoFundMe

That’s the only damn picture you could take off the Internet of him? Get real.

Anyway, the page has been removed. I would not be surprised at all if several more pop up.