Last summer, 8-year-old Tyler Schultz was messing around at a friend’s house trying to light sticks on fire with Diesel 911 when the fuel caught fire, causing severe third degree burns to the little boy. As he recovered at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Jaima Schultz set up a GoFundMe page for his recovery.

The campaign has since been removed and we were unable to find a cached copy, however Jaima was in court today to take a plea on charges of theft. “There is no excuse but pure stupidity,” she told little Tyler’s family.

The campaign was linked in several news stories about the boy’s recovery, and even appeared in a local church bulletin.


Beadle County State’s Attorney Mike Moore told KOKK radio that Schultz diverted about $6,500 from the GoFundMe campaign for her own use. It is unclear just how much was raised total.

Her original charge was grand theft embezzlement, however she took a plea and settled for petty theft. The judge ordered a 90-day suspended jail sentence plus restitution of a few hundred dollars.