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Fake GoFundMe bury sister

GoFundMe Fraud

Here’s a GoFundMe for a Fake Sister Who Fake Died in a Fake Accident

GoFundMe Fraud

Mom of Amazing Boy With Rare Birth Defect Discovers Scammers Using Her Son For GoFundMe Scams

Emergency surgery fake GoFundMe

GoFundMe Fraud

GoFundMe Campaign Scammer Says Definitely Isn’t Fake Turns Out to be Totally Fake

Getting back to life Gofundme scam

GoFundMe Fraud

GoFundMe Fraud is Still Rampant In the “I’m Lazy and Stole This Pic From Google” Sector

Corey Baker scam gofundme

GoFundMe Fraud

Scam Artist Tries To Rip Off Democratic Underground and It Does Not End Well

Shadow McClaine missing poster

GoFundMe Fraud

Missing Fort Campbell Soldier Found Dead, Fake GoFundMe Pops Up in Her Name

Mimi and Dona

GoFundMe Fraud

This Lazy Scammer Stole a Movie Still for Their Fake GoFundMe Campaign

Hannah's urn Gofundme

GoFundMe Fraud

Woman Loses Her Beloved Dog, Scammer Steals Story for Fake GoFundMe Campaign

Fake Cancer

Fake Cancer Patient Stole This Crowdfunding Plea From a Real Cancer Patient

Donate4Mike Gofundme


Desperate But Stupid Criminals Now Stealing Your GoFundMe Campaigns

Trapezoid scheme

Just Stupid

Beware: Pyramid Schemers Are Now Scheming Under the Guise of ‘Crowdfunding’

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

‘Dying’ Dad Tells Scamming Son to Knock It Off With This Fake GoFundMe Campaign

Gofundme campaign removed

Funeral Costs, Inviting Fraud

GoFundMe As the New Obituary: These Funeral Fundraisers Need to Stop For Real

Matt and Sunday Rowan Gofundme

Obvious GoFundMe scams

[UPDATED] Looks Like Someone is Already Trying to Capitalize on a San Antonio Couple’s Tragic Death

Sierra Perez Gofundme

Obvious GoFundMe scams

[UPDATED] Meet Sierra Perez, an Apparent GoFundMe Scammer Who Never Seems to Age

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