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Tia Young and Tim Lee mugshots

Crime, Obvious GoFundMe scams

GoFundMe for Georgia Widow Removed After the Woman is Charged in Husband’s Murder

GoFundMe Fraud

Someone Made a Fake GoFundMe Page For April the Pregnant Giraffe

Teanna Trump Gofundme

Not Fraud Just Stupid

Porn Star and Marijuana Enthusiast Trying to Get Back on Her Feet Cockblocked by GoFundMe

FriendsNotFood Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Did a Bunch of Vegans Get Ripped Off by a Fake Animal Sanctuary?

Amber Buskirk Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

West Virginia Woman Accused of Faking Brain Cancer Collected $17k Via GoFundMe

Jalinda Campbell gofundme

GoFundMe Fraud

Dad Says GoFundMe Campaign for Daughter Killed in a Drive-by Shooting is a Scam

Trinity Gay Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Kentucky Cops Warn Against Fake GoFundMe Campaign for Murdered Track Star

RaeLynn Gloria Coria-Martinez Gofundme


GoFundMe Pulls Memorial Campaign for Murdered Little Girl After Beneficiary is Charged in Death of Girl

Burned puppy Haughton Louisiana

Now It's Fraud

Rescue Group Says Fundraiser for Burned Puppy is a Fraud

Funeral Costs

Florida Family Caught Up in a Battle Over GoFundMe Funeral Funds

Pride flag

Calamities, Inviting Fraud

AP Uncovers ‘Scams and Waste’ Rampant in Pulse Shooting GoFundMe Campaigns

American flag


Michigan Xenophobes Chased Off GoFundMe for Immigrant-Hating Business Plan

Gofundme campaign removed

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Texas Teen Says He Never Saw GoFundMe Funds Raised in His Name

Candy Arthurs Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Funeral Costs

Family of ‘Hero Grandmother’ Warns of Fake GoFundMe Pages in the Wake of Her Death

Brian Dunhem Gofundme scam

Obvious GoFundMe scams

Check Out This Moron Trying to Scam People with a Fake Montana Wild Fire Campaign