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Crime, GoFundMe Policies

GoFundMe Campaign Started by Mother of Murder Suspect Gets Whacked

Hugo Parker

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Parents Disgusted by Fake GoFundMe Page Using Photos of Their Dead Baby Boy

Jokisha Brown

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Mother of Model Murdered in Atlanta Says GoFundMe Campaigns Are Fake

Jerry Esch Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Former Detective Accused of Stealing From His Own GoFundMe Page

Now It's Fraud

South Dakota Woman Stole Thousands From GoFundMe Campaign For Burned Boy

Stabbing victim Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Stabbing Victim Upset She Never Got GoFundMe Funds, Prosecutors Refuse to Get Involved

Probably Not Fraud Just Stupid

Is This the Most Hated Woman on GoFundMe?

Brand White Gofundme page


GoFundMe Page for Pulse Shooting ‘Victim’ Disappears, Media Can’t Figure Out the Victim’s Sex

Marcello Stallings Gofundme

Funeral Costs

Family of Murder Victim Can’t Believe Someone Is Stealing From Him Via GoFundMe

Keisha Williams Gofundme

Now It's Fraud

Club Treasurer and Fake CPA Accused of Embezzlement Adds GoFundMe Fuckery to Her Résumé

Inviting Fraud

Here Come the GoFundMe Pages for Harambe the Gorilla

Kaulana Werner memorial

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Some Jackass Created a Fake GoFundMe Page for Hawaii Teen Killed by Drunk Driver

Louisville teens Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Controversial GoFundMe Page for Murdered Louisville Teens Seems to Have Vanished


Family of Murdered Navajo Girl Warn of Fake GoFundMe Pages, But Too Late For One Publication

OG KK Gofundme

Not Fraud

GoFundMe Removes Page for Alleged Gang Leader, Good Guy Rapper

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