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Larisa Rivera Gofundme


Turns Out Texas Woman With a GoFundMe For Her Car Accident Was Totally Drunk At the Time

Walker Daugherty


Hunting Guides Claim Illegals Shot Them, Collect $20k on GoFundMe, Get Arrested For Shooting Each Other

Zuzu Verk fake GoFundMe


Fake GoFundMe Campaign Discovered For Murdered Texas Co-ed

GoFundMe Fraud

[UPDATED] Let’s Start a GoFundMe to Buy GoFundMe a F*ck to Give About This Creep Abusing Their Platform

Fake Cancer

Teacher’s Aide Who Faked Cancer and Ripped Off Kids Charged With Theft by Deception

Fake Cancer

Cancer Faker Teaches Middle School Kids That Doing Good Deeds For Others is Stupid

Racist graffiti Texas

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Man Who Claimed Racists Vandalized His Truck Admits to Vandalizing His Own Truck, GoFundMe Campaign Still Stands

Tiffany Heath gofundme


Texas Mom Puts Up GoFundMe Campaign After Husband Kills Two People, Gets Arrested Herself

GoFundMe funeral

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

GoFundMe Campaign Created for Texas Teen with Down Syndrome is a Fake, Says Family

Jen WIlke Gofundme


One-Time Playboy Model Hoping Fans Will GoFund Her ‘Job’ Has a History of GoFundMe Grifting

Reynaldo Ramirez Santa


Santa Impersonator and Child Porn Enthusiast Turned to GoFundMe to Access Children

Officer Justin Scherlen

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Texas Group Warns of Fake GoFundMe Campaigns For Deceased Police Officer

Gofundme campaign removed

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Texas Teen Says He Never Saw GoFundMe Funds Raised in His Name

Danita Tutt Wrestlemania

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, GoFuckery

Mom Accused of Making Her Son Sick, Leading to Ill-Gotten GoFundMe Gains

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