Teen Mom Catches Zika in Central America, Asks GoFundMe to Pay for Her Baby

Zika Gofundme

Well this is, uh, interesting.

WFSB reports:

Sara Mujica, 17 from Danbury [CT], is in Honduras right now where her fiancée lives. The two are planning to be married in a few weeks, and she will return back to the state after that.

On Tuesday, the state’s Department of Public Health said she had tested positive for Zika virus after traveling in Central America.

The state’s health department is now urging her to come home.

Eyewitness News spoke with Mujica on Wednesday, who said she isn’t feeling her best.

“I had a fever and I started getting rashes all over my back, my legs, my face, my arms I had a rash everywhere,” Mujica said.

She said she got pregnant at the end of February with her fiancée Victor Cruz, who lives in Honduras.

When she came back to Connecticut on March 30, she knew something was wrong.

“I knew it (Zika virus) was around and I was thinking it was Zika and of course I was thinking that. No one wants to go through that when they are pregnant and have a baby that might possibly come out deformed,” Mujica said.

She went back to Honduras to be with her fiancée and to move forward with their planned wedding, and to figure out together what to do next.

That story ran on May 4. By May 6, Mujica had set up a GoFundMe page to raise $50k for her “famous” Zika baby.

She writes:

“Hey guys , my name is Sara Mujica , and I’ve been Named The first person in Connecticut To Be Pregnant With Zika , I am all over the news , and would really appreciate every help I could get . Being young and pregnant is one thing , but now I Am Still pregnant and young but going through the worst time ever with the news about me having Zika. . Every Donation Will Be Helpful & I am so Greatful . I have Decided to keep my Baby , because it’s what God has given to me & I do NOT believe in Abortion so I would never do that . Thank you so much .”

The CDC issued specific guidelines for women of childbearing age and their partners regarding Zika last month, specifically:

Particularly in the context of Zika virus transmission, it is important for women and their partners to plan their pregnancies. Health care providers should discuss reproductive life plans, including pregnancy intentions and timing with women of reproductive age. Decisions about pregnancy planning are personal. Decisions about attempting conception should be made in consultation with a health care provider.

Mujica told WFSB “I am very nervous. I don’t know what to do exactly. I don’t want to say I don’t know if I should have an abortion or just take what God gave me.”

As to be expected, a few commenters on her GoFundMe page have some sage — if brutal — advice.

Zika gofundme comments

Let’s remember we’re technically dealing with a child here. A child of child-bearing age, but a child under the age of 18 none-the-less.

Meanwhile, the CDC says that the actual risk of birth defects in children born to mothers infected with Zika is unknown at this time. Here’s hoping her baby is totally fine and all of this is for naught.