So, happened across this one while I was back home in Washington DC preparing for a huge Christmas dinner for 30+ guests, so safe to say I needed a break from all that cooking. I chose to spend it perusing one of the many GoFundMe sharing groups I’m in on Facebook, basically the motherlode of scammers if you look hard enough.

The minute I spotted “Mark Jackson,” I knew he wouldn’t disappoint.

Mark the Scammer, Ms Jackson if you’re nasty, created two really obvious phony campaigns on December 23rd, both of which are still up as of press time. Because GoFundMe takes fraud soooo serious, y’all.

The first campaign purports to help a puppy burned in a house fire.

Burned puppy GoFundMe scam

OMG so tragic, you guys. Also so fake. A quick reverse image search shows this idiot just stole pictures of a real puppy with an actually tragic story.

Burned puppy search

You loser.

The second campaign is even better, and by “better” I mean scammier.

Single mom scam

You’re a single mom, Mark? Really? I mean, I get that names aren’t necessarily gendered but I have yet to meet a female Mark, especially one who looks like Ted Nugent’s hairy butthole.

Mark Jackson scammer

“I’m a single mom in need of help of getting my son’s Christmas I’m looking for a job it’s hard to come by these days his name is jacob green he’s 2 years old he means the world to me,” he writes. Sad smiley face.

Yeah. About that, “Mark.”

Mom and son search

Luckily, no one has fallen for his terrible scamming (by terrible I mean he’s really bad at it, not that he’s a terrible person even though he’s that as well).

How difficult would it be for GoFundMe to implement some kind of internal reverse image search? Seriously.