Texas Mom Puts Up GoFundMe Campaign After Husband Kills Two People, Gets Arrested Herself

Tiffany Heath gofundme

On October 26, Tiffany Nicole Heath of Fort Worth, TX turned to GoFundMe with a vague plea for $6000. “I am a mother of 3. My family and I have recently suffered from a very unfortunate event, which has left us in a time of need.” her campaign read. “I have been raising my three boys on my own, and take care of everything financially. I am doing the best I can but I am struggling to keep up. Every little bit is extremely appreciated in our time of need.”

Just three days prior, her husband Cary — a middle school science teacher — shot and killed two men at a neighbor’s Halloween party. “This is the last time I will see the baby. I killed two people,” he told a neighbor before he left the house.

Despite the fact that two dead bodies were just sitting around outside on Sunday night, and that he admitted to killing them, Cary Heath was not immediately arrested. In fact, he woke up Monday morning, got ready, and went off to work at Permenter Middle School; a student told the news he acted “completely normal.” He was taken into custody on Monday afternoon in the school parking lot.

Just one day after Tiffany put up her GoFundMe campaign, she too was arrested by Fort Worth police for tampering with evidence. She admitted to detectives that she attempted to clean blood from the gun safe and hid a rifle magazine under her bed. She “intentionally attempted to destroy and conceal evidence of said murders,” states the affidavit.

Tiffany Heath’s GoFundMe campaign has since been removed, but an archived copy can be found here. It raised at least $2875 before it was taken down.