You guys, this is getting out of hand. And the scammers are getting so lazy they’re just straight up taking screenshots of the news and using that as campaign photos claiming to be related to the victim. Really? That’s your cousin and you don’t have a single picture of her to use for a GoFundMe? That flag is so red it could moonlight as a hóngbāo.

11-year-old Takiya Holmes was shot February 11th in Chicago after a gang member in her neighborhood opened fire on three rivals he spotted selling weed on his corner; she died on Valentine’s Day. Antwan C. Jones has been charged in her death.

We found two fake campaigns put up for the girl, one that is so egregiously scammy there aren’t even words.

Takiya Holmes fake GoFundMe

A campaign organizer named “Go Fund Takiya Holmes,” yeah that seems totally legit.

In a plea for $10k, the campaign reads:

This is very hard on our family right now, as you all may know we have experienced a tremendous loss of our loved one, our baby, our angel, our heart “Takiya Holmes” she was in the wrong place at the wrong time & as sad as it is WE as people should not have to watch over our backs 24/7 our kids should be able to play without having to worry about the worst… We didn’t have much & this has put a strain on our family.. We are asking anybody who is willing to help send our child home!! Anything helps, thank you for all of your prayers but its seems as if God needed our baby more then us, he had better plans for our Angel.. Thank you for all of the support, we really appreciate it all!!

Wow. Just wow.

Another, with a more modest goal of $7k, was shared by family members of Takiya as fake.

Takiya Holmes fake Gofundme

It reads:

Takiya Holmes my 11-year-old cousin who was shot in the head while sitting in the backseat of a minivan in Chicago on Saturday had not regained consciousness since the shooting. She died on Valentines. Day morning peacefully in her mother’s arms. Takiya was one of two young girls struck by stray bullets in Chicago this weekend, bloody incidents that further highlighted the Chicago problem with violent crime.
Takiya donated her organs to science being that was her favorite subject in school. She was a fun and out going spirit. We are deeply sadden by this lose of such a great young lady. Who was only 11 at the time of her death.

Unfortunately my family doeny bot have all the funds for a proper burial of such a beautiful young landy. My family asks that any donation be placed. Also that resources for my Aunt to Cope with the lose of her only daughter will be greatly appreciated.

Both campaigns have been removed from GoFundMe.

While the scum of the Earth is out there making fake GoFundMes in the little girl’s name, her family decided to honor her life by donating her organs. 36-year-old Darvece Monson — who is related to Holmes’ family — had been waiting two years for a kidney transplant. After receiving the little girl’s kidney, she told reporters “For the family to have thought of me during this time, selflessly on this degree and a level of this magnitude, this generosity, I just can’t – I’m still processing it all.”

Oh and btw, the suspect in Takiya’s murder got socked right in the face by another inmate.