Since the site first appeared in 2010, we’ve all seen countless ridiculous and often outlandish GoFundMe campaigns over the years. So when the now-notorious ‘Wal-mart Wedding Sex Toy Bandits’ turned to the crowdfunding page to fund their shotgun wedding, nary an eye was rolled.

In case you missed the story, the Daily Mail will catch you up:

The couple branded the ‘sex toy bandits’ for stealing a vibrator and edible underwear have been cashing in on their notoriety by setting up a fundraising page to pay for their wedding.

William J. Cornelius Jr., 25, had just proposed to his 20-year-old girlfriend Sheri Moore at a Michigan Walmart last week when they were caught shoplifting at a nearby gift shop.

The couple were arrested and police recovered a ‘Bride-To-Be’ thong, a $14.99 vibrator, ‘BJ Blast’ oral sex candy, and a $5.99 edible thong from the pair.


Of course, the internet loves a crazy Wal-mart story, and the couple wasted no time turning to crowdfunding to profit off their newfound fame.

Sex Toy Bandits GoFundMe


In case you can’t read screenshots: “Yes we are the sex toy bandits, we are real people with real problems. We need help raising money for our wedding because i am currently pregnant and homeless we do not want our baby born out of wedlock. Anything will help thank you for taking the time to read our story and thank you in advance for the help”

The page was quickly removed before raising any money. GoFundMe media director Kelsea Little told MLive it was removed for violating the site’s Terms and Conditions.

She didn’t elaborate on what, exactly, the violation was, but we can safely assume it fell under “pornography or other sexual content” and/or “offensive, graphic, perverse or sensitive content” due to the charming opening line of “yes we are the sex toy bandits.”

Note to self: don’t bring up dildos on crowdfunding pages.